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Juliette Mareste
Juliette Mareste is a student at Sciences Po (France), currently doing an exchange at the Rothberg International School. Juliette grew up in Germany and studies political science and history. She is an intern at the Palestine Israel Journal.



  • “We have to mark that day.” - 100 Years of the Balfour Declaration   - Date:2017-12-12
  • “We were pressured to not tell what was going on here”: Book Launch of “Balcony over Jerusalem” by one of Australia’s Leading Middle East Correspondents   - Date:2017-12-26
  • “Remember the wall for the day when it is no longer there” - A visit to the Walled Off Hotel  - Date:2018-01-25
  • AStorage for Words - A Story about the State of Reality  - Date:2018-02-07

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