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Zak Witus
Zak Witus is currently participating in Achvat Amim (Solidarity of Nations), a volunteer and educational program dedicated to the principle of self-determination for all peoples in the place that they call home. He presently lives in Jerusalem, interns at the Palestine-Israel Journal, and works two days a week at a Palestinian farm in Area C of the West Bank. You can follow him on Twitter @ZakWitus



  • The Strangulation of Susiya: State criminality as law enforcement  - Date:2018-03-19
  • The Endangerment of the Child: How Israelís Military Courts Routinely Violate the Rights of Palestinian Minors  - Date:2018-04-18
  • Israel Continues Aggression Against Syria While Playing the Victim  - Date:2018-05-28
  • Sea breeze, scorched earth, and metal corpses: A day on the Gazan periphery  - Date:2018-06-11

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