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Tamar Hermann
Prof. Tamar Herman is academic director of the Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research. She is a faculty member of the Political Science Department at the Open University of Israel, has co-edited the monthly Peace Index (with Professor Ephraim Ya’ar) since 1994 and has edited the annual Israeli Democracy Index since 2010.


  • Only America, And Only Through Diplomacy: Israeli Jewish Attitudes to International Involvement in the Quest for a Solution to the Conflict  - Vol.11 No.2 2004
  • When the Policy-Maker and the Public Meet: Sharon, Israeli-Jewish Public Opinion and the Unilateral Disengagement Plan  - Vol.11 No.4 2005
  • Israeli Public Opinion and the Peace Process - An interview  - Vol.3 No.3 1996
  • Fifty Years of Occupation: The Effectiveness of Activity for Peace in Israel, 1967-2017  - Vol.22 No.23 2017

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