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Tony Klug
Dr Tony Klug is a special advisor on the Middle East to the Oxford Research Group and has written extensively on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


  • Imagine No Excuses  - Vol.11 No.2 2004
  • The Infernal Scapegoat  - Vol.8 No.3 2001
  • How Peace Broke Out in the Middle East: A Short History of the Future  - Vol.14 No.2 2007
  • The Last Chance Saloon  - Vol.15 No.2 2008
  • Meeting the Iranian Challenge  - Vol.16 No.34 2010
  • Have the Arab Uprisings Lost Their Spring?  - Vol.18 No.1 2012
  • Two States: By Design or Disaster  - Vol.18 No.4 2013
  • A Never-Ending Occupation: The End of Hope?  - Vol.21 No.3 2016
  • A Palestinian State Now or Equal Rights Until There Is a Solution  - Vol.22 No.23 2017


  • We need an Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire and then peace talks  - Date:2012-11-20

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