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Daniel Bar-Tal
Daniel Bar-Tal is Professor Emeritus at the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. His research interest is in political and social psychology studying socio-psychological foundations of intractable conflicts and peace-building. He was co-editor of the Palestine-Israel Journal (2001-05) and president of the International Society of Political Psychology.


  • Dangerous Intentions  - Vol.11 No.1 2004
  • No More Violence  - Vol.10 No.1 2003
  • Separation or Conciliation  - Vol.9 No.3 2002
  • Needed: Psychological Transformation of Israeli Leaders  - Vol.10 No.3 2003
  • The Influence of Events and (Mis)information on Israeli-Jewish Public Opinion: The Case of the Camp David Summit and the Second Intifada  - Vol.11 No.4 2005
  • Farewell after Four Challenging Years  - Vol.12 No.2 2005
  • Societal Beliefs in Israel: from Conflict to Peace  - Vol.3 No.1 1996
  • Identities: Conflict or Conciliation?   - Vol.8 No.4 2001
  • Why Israel Does Not Want to Negotiate  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • The Lebanon War, the Peace Camp, and Israel  - Vol.13 No.3 2006
  • The Arab Image in Hebrew School Textbooks  - Vol.8 No.2 2001
  • Evaluating the 60 Years: The Half-Full and Half-Empty Glass  - Vol.15 No.2 2008
  • Open Letter from My Mind and My Heart: The Way I View the Situation  - Vol.15-16 No.3 2008

  • Societal Beliefs and Emotions as Socio-Psychological Barriers to Peaceful Conflict Resolution  - Vol.19 No.3 2014
  • Thoughts on the 2014 Gaza War  - Vol.19-20 No.3 2014
  • After 50 Years: Save Israel, Stop the Occupation  - Vol.21 No.3 2016
  • The Processes and Mechanisms of the Occupation: Dangers and Challenges  - Vol.22 No.23 2017

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