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Azzam Tawfiq Abu Saud
Azzam Abu Saud is a well-known Palestinian writer, novelist, arabesque artist and economist. He has published a number of novels taken from the oral history of Jerusalem detailing the social, political and cultural life of Palestinians in the Ottoman era, during the British mandate and under the Israeli occupation. He is a public figure active in numerous civil society organizations and a columnist for the al-Quds newspaper in Jerusalem.


  • Yasser Arafat: The Early Years  - Vol.11 No.4 2005
  • Closures and Separation and Their Impact on East Jerusalemís Economic Sectors  - Vol.14 No.1 2007
  • Political Religion: From the Global and the Regional to Jerusalem and Back  - Vol.20-21 No.41 2015
  • What Became Israelís Best Magic Trick Is Our Worst Nightmare  - Vol.23 No.23 2018

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