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Manuel Hassassian
Prof. Manuel Hassassian, born in Jerusalem, has been Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom since 2005. He has served as executive vice president of Bethlehem University and representative for the university at the ministry of education and at the Association of Arab Universities. He has also been visiting scholar at universities in France, Ireland and the United States, and is a member of the PIJ Board of Sponsors.


  • U.S. National Interests in the Middle East  - Vol.4 No.3 1997
  • The Evolution of the Palestinian Refugee Problem  - Vol.2 No.4 1995
  • Arafat: a Political Biography by Alan Hart  - Vol.1 No.4 1994
  • The Emigration of Soviet Jews to Palestine and Israel  - Vol.1 No.2 1994
  • From Armed Struggle to Negotiation   - Vol.1 No.1 1994
  • Historical Dynamics Shaping Palestinian National Identity  - Vol.8 No.4 2001
  • Understanding the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Lessons from an Unusual Classroom  - Vol.18 No.23 2012
  • Letís Make Peace, Not Weapons of Mass Destruction  - Vol.19 No.12 2013
  • The Palestinian Christians Are Integral in the Palestinian National Movement  - Vol.22-23 No.4 2017


  • A Way Out for Prisoners?  - Date:2008-01-21
  • The Tehran Tangle in Middle East Peace  - Date:2012-01-31

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