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Manuel Hassassian
Manuel Hassassian, Member of the PIJ Board of Sponsors and former Executive Vice-president of Bethlehem University, is a senior research associate teaching at the University of Maryland's Center for International Development and Conflict Management. Currently, Hassassian serves as the Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom.


  • U.S. National Interests in the Middle East  - Vol.4 No.3 1997
  • The Evolution of the Palestinian Refugee Problem  - Vol.2 No.4 1995
  • Arafat: a Political Biography by Alan Hart  - Vol.1 No.4 1994
  • The Emigration of Soviet Jews to Palestine and Israel  - Vol.1 No.2 1994
  • From Armed Struggle to Negotiation   - Vol.1 No.1 1994
  • Historical Dynamics Shaping Palestinian National Identity  - Vol.8 No.4 2001
  • Understanding the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Lessons from an Unusual Classroom  - Vol.18 No.23 2012
  • Letís Make Peace, Not Weapons of Mass Destruction  - Vol.19 No.12 2013


  • A Way Out for Prisoners?  - Date:2008-01-21
  • The Tehran Tangle in Middle East Peace  - Date:2012-01-31

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