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Saeb Erekat
Dr. Saeb Erekat is a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and a member of the Fateh Central Committee. For many years he has been the senior negotiator for the PLO in negotiations with Israel.


  • The Road Map will Stand  - Vol.10 No.1 2003
  • The Path to Peace: Negotiation Not Dictation  - Vol.11 No.4 2005
  • What It Takes to Make Peace - An interview  - Vol.3 No.3 1996
  • The Question of Refugees Is the Essence of the Palestinian Question  - Vol.15-16 No.3 2008
  • Changes in the Arab World and Their Repercussions on the United States of America and the West, Palestine and Israel  - Vol.18 No.23 2012
  • Israeli-Palestinian Relations: Point of No Return  - Vol.20 No.23 2015

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