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Walid Salem
Walid Salem is director of the Center for Democracy and Community Development and a lecturer at al-Quds University.


  • Legitimization or Implementation: On the UN Partition Plan The Paradox of the 1947 UN Partition Plan  - Vol.9 No.4 2002
  • Citizenship and Return  - Vol.9 No.2 2002
  • The Anti-Normalization Discourse in the Context of Israeli-Palestinian Peace-Building  - Vol.12 No.1 2005
  • Israeli-Palestinian Civil Cooperation: New Context, New Strategies  - Vol.12-13 No.4 2005
  • Introduction: The Ethics of Unilateralism  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • Negotiations Combined With Coordinated Unilateral Acts  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • Creating Positive Facts on the Ground  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • Joint Activism in Jerusalem: Is a Joint Community-Based Agenda Possible?  - Vol.14 No.1 2007
  • Introduction  - Vol.14 No.2 2007
  • Palestinian Contemporary Political Performance: A Bitter Harvest  - Vol.15 No.2 2008
  • The Iranian Factor in the Arab-Israeli Conflict  - Vol.16 No.34 2010
  • The Human Security of the Palestinian Jerusalemites: A Story of an Internal Occupation  - Vol.17 No.12 2011
  • The Arab Revolutions from a Palestinian Perspective  - Vol.18 No.1 2012
  • Civil Society in Palestine: Approaches, Historical Context and the Role of the NGOs  - Vol.18 No.23 2012
  • The Role of the Arab Peace Initiative in Light of the Latest Israeli- Palestinian War  - Vol.19-20 No.3 2014
  • The Arab Peace Initiative and the International Community: Concerted Efforts for Its Implementation  - Vol.20 No.23 2015
  • Jerusalem: Reconsidering the Settler Colonial Analysis  - Vol.21 No.4 2016
  • Northern Ireland: A Successful Story of Conflict Transformation?  - Vol.22 No.1 2017
  • Apartheid, Settler Colonialism and the Palestinian State 50 Years On  - Vol.22 No.23 2017
  • Oslo: A Peace Proposal, or a “Time Out” Till the “Full Victory” of Israel?  - Vol.23 No.23 2018


  • Is a Comprehensive Middle Eastern Peace Possible?  - Date:2007-11-27
  • My Jerusalem  - Date:2014-11-10

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