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Apo Sahagian
Apo Sahagian is a Jerusalemite Armenian from the Old City, Armenian Quarter. Besides his ardent interest in politics and social issues, hes also a multi-instrumentalist musician and an author of various articles (in several magazines) and of novels. He has a degree in Government, Diplomacy & Strategy with a specialization in international affairs and conflict resolution, and is currently an intern at the Palestine-Israel Journal.



  • How We Lost Jerusalem  - Date:2012-09-13
  • Ignorance is Mitt  - Date:2012-09-20
  • The No-State Solution  - Date:2012-10-01
  • The Ruin of Israel  - Date:2012-10-20
  • The Sad Ending of Palestine/Israel  - Date:2012-11-19
  • The Peace Camp Needs to Rise Again!  - Date:2012-11-27
  • The Only Initfada  - Date:2013-02-07

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