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Ali Abu Shahla
Eng. Ali Abu Shahla is a Gaza businessman and chairman of AA Consulting Engineers – Palestine. He is Vice Chair of the Al-Aqsa University Board of Trustees, Vice Chair of Palestinian Academy for Gifted Students' Board of Trustees in Ramallah and a member of the PIJ editorial board.


  • The Dual Legal System in Gaza  - Vol.21 No.3 2016


  • The View from Gaza  - Date:2012-11-20
  • Khaled Meshal’s Visit to Gaza   - Date:2012-12-09
  • 2013: Predictions from Gaza  - Date:2012-12-23
  • For the reconstruction of Gaza!!! Is the Israeli closure coming to an end?   - Date:2013-01-02
  • The Fatah Festival in Gaza   - Date:2013-01-14
  • PNC and other Elections   - Date:2013-02-07
  • Gaza Reconstruction Conference – Pledges and Implementation  - Date:2014-11-04

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