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Amelie Phillipson
Amelie Phillipson is a student of Political Sciences at Sciences Po Toulouse, where she is a candidate for a Master in Journalism. She is currently an intern at the Palestine-Israel Journal.



  • Green Olive Tours: How to offer tourists an alternative vision  - Date:2013-08-13
  • Somewhere Between the One and the Two-State Solution  - Date:2013-08-29
  • Breaking the Silence faces the reality in the Occupied Territories  - Date:2013-10-24
  • “Sustaining the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations effort: Why the talks must not fail”: A public symposium with Hans-Gert Pöttering and Ami Ayalon  - Date:2013-11-12
  • A Middle East Without Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Palestine-Israel Journal conference in Jerusalem   - Date:2013-11-14

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