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Rosa Lia
Rosa Lia is an Intern at the Palestine-Israel Journal, as well as a volunteer with the youth movement HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed where she also works at the Center for Encounters (part of the Willy Brandt Center). She earned a degree in Comparative Literature at King's College, London, and has since taken courses in freelance and travel journalism.


  • Palestinian Public Opinion in the Wake of the Gaza War  - Vol.19-20 No.3 2014


  • Armenian Holocaust: Remembered but not recognized  - Date:2014-04-29
  • From guns and knives to friendship  - Date:2014-05-22
  • Jerusalem Hug: The way to resolve tensions?  - Date:2014-07-03
  • Hamas' Strategy and Israel's Policy Turn: On “Israel-Gaza Round #3” IPCRI Conference   - Date:2014-08-19
  • Glossary of Words that Work for Peace  - Date:2014-08-26
  • What Do Artists Have to Say About Leaders?  - Date:2014-09-02

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