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Dominic Davies
Dominic Davies is a DPhil candidate in English Literature at the University of Oxford and the Network Facilitator of the Leverhulme-funded Network, "Planned Violence: Post/Colonial Urban Infrastructures and Literature" (2014-16). His research is focused on the relationship between imperial infrastructures and different forms of anti-imperial resistance in colonial literature at the height of the British Empire (1880-1930). He has published a number of articles and reviews, including pieces in the Postcolonial Studies Association Newsletter, Harts & Minds: The Journal of Humanities and Arts, The Kipling Society Journal, Writing Post-Apartheid South Africa: 1994-2014 and The Journal of Commonwealth Literature.



  • Which Country Do We Write About? The Impact of Media in Times of War  - Date:2014-09-09
  • The Green Prince and the Politics of Collaboration: Black, White, but Mostly Grey   - Date:2014-09-22

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