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Izhak Schnell
Izhak Schnell is a professor in the Department of Geography and Human Environment at Tel Aviv University and served as president of the Israeli Geographical Association and is a current representative of the Israeli Academy of Science in the International Union of Geographers. His research interest is in environmental, social and aesthetic aspects of the structure of social space in the era of globalization.


  • Forms of Separation Between Israel and Palestine  - Vol.9 No.3 2002
  • Introduction: The Ethics of Unilateralism  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • The Unilateral Consensus in Israeli Society  - Vol.13 No.2 2006
  • The Hidden Treasure of the Palestinian Economy: The Economic Implications of Refugee Compensation  - Vol.15 No.2 2008
  • Borders in Jerusalem  - Vol.17 No.12 2011
  • After 50 Years: Save Israel, Stop the Occupation  - Vol.21 No.3 2016
  • The Impact of Occupation on Israeli Democracy  - Vol.22 No.23 2017
  • My Oslo  - Vol.23 No.23 2018

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