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Arie Arnon
Prof. Arie Arnon is professor emeritus of economics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Israeli coordinator of the Aix Group. He was the founder and former head of the “Program on Economics and Society” at the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.


  • The Implication of Economic Borders Between Israel and Palestine  - Vol.9 No.3 2002
  • Economic Aspects of the Oslo Process  - Vol.5 No.3 1998
  • Israel and the Palestinian Economy  - Vol.4 No.1 1997
  • Back to Negotiating the Final Status - The Economic Dimension  - Vol.14 No.3 2007
  • A Framework to Address the Refugee Problem  - Vol.15-16 No.3 2008
  • Improving the Gazan Economy and Utilizing the Economic Potential of the Jordan Valley  - Vol.22 No.23 2017

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