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Media and the Second Intifada
Vol.10 No.2 2003 covers/vol10-2cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • Challenges of the Road Map

  • Effects of the Conflict on the Palestinian Media
          The second Intifada has stifled freedom of expression in the Palestinian press.
         by Mohammed Daraghmeh

  • Enemies of Israel: The Foreign Press and the Second Intifada
          Confronting political and logistical difficulties in the search for the truth
         by Charles Enderlin

  • Israeli Media: Serving the “Patriotic” Cause
          Despite its claims, the Israeli press is far from "free".
         by Ata Qaymari

  • All the News that Fits: The Israeli Media and the Second Intifada
          The Israeli media, with some exceptions, have provided a one-sided, partial, censored and biased picture of reality.
         by Daniel Dor

  • The Media’s Depiction of War and Media Wars
          Examining the postive and negative repercussions of satellite TV coverage of the war in Iraq
         by Abdel Karim Samara

  • Press Reporting During the Intifada: Palestinian Coverage of Jenin
          The consequences of politically driven reporting.
         by Mohammed Dajani

  • The Intifada, Hasbara and the Media
          A critical look at the constraints and bias shaping mainstream media with regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
         by Anthony Lowstedt and by Husam Madhoun

  • Intifada Live: Arab Satellite TV Coverage of the Al-Aqsa Intifada
          The emergence of transnational Arab satellite TV, particularly al Jazeera, has revolutionised coverage of this conflict.
         by Khalil Rinnawi

  • The News Media and the Second Intifada
          The Israeli and Palestinian medias have tended to promote conflict not reconciliation.
         by Gadi Wolfsfeld

  • Broadcasting and Bias
          An Interview with the BBC s Middle East bureau chief, Andrew Steel
         interview with Andrew Steele

  • The Media and the Second Intifada
          A PIJ Roundtable with Amos Harel, Elias Zananiri, Ronni Shaked and Khaled Abu Aker. Simon Wilson, the BBC's senior Middle East producer, moderated

  • Explaining the Road Map
          The UN's Special Coordinator in the region spells out his expectations for the Road Map
         by Terje Roed-Larsen

  • How the Media Can Serve the Cause of Peace
          Journalists should separate propaganda from news, puncture stereotypes and end the focus on violence.
         by Danny Schechter

  • Images in the Eye of the Camera

    Book Review
  • Scrutinizing the Mandate
          A review of Tom Segev‘s book "One Palestine, Complete" by Dan Leon.
         by Dan Leon

  • Averting Total Collapse
          An extract from the World Bank's March report on the Palestinian economy.

  • The Arab in Israeli Drama and Theatre
         by Dan Urian

  • The Novels of Sahar Khalifeh
         by Nazih Abu Nidal

  • The Road Map

    Chronology of Events
  • January 1, 2003 to April 1, 2003
          Edited by Najat Hirbawi

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