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Editorial Board

Hisham Awartani

Danny Rubinstein

Sam'an Khoury

Boaz Evron

Walid Salem

Ari Rath

Zahra Khalidi

Daniel Bar-Tal

Ammar AbuZayyad

Galit Hasan-Rokem

Khaled Abu Aker

Galia Golan

Nazmi Ju'beh

Gershon Baskin

Edy Kaufman

Ata Qaymari

Benjamin Pogrund

Nafez Nazzal

Simcha Bahiri

Nadia Naser-Najjab

Dan Jacobson

Jumana Jaouni

Dan Leon

Anat Cygielman

Khuloud Khayyat Dajani

Izhak Schnell

What Went Wrong & How to Fix It?

Vol 12 No. 4 & Vol 13 No. 1, 05/06

Table of Contents


  • Making Peace between Peoples
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • The Future of People-to-People
         by Lee Perlman and by Nadia Nasser-Najjab

  • What Do People Mean When They Say ‘People-to-People’?
          Origins, Definitions, Goals and Methods
         by Shira Herzog and by Avivit Hai

  • Kissing Cousins: A Note on a Romantic Encounter
          Rapprochement was turned into a big business at the expense of professionalism.
         by Salim Tamari

  • People-to-People: Telling the Truth about the Israeli-Palestinian Case
          So far, P2P has failed, but we must keep trying.
         by Alon Liel

  • Post-Oslo Dialogue: An Evaluation
          The achievements and failures of People-to-People viewed from the Palestinian side.
         by Nadia Nasser-Najjab

  • Looking Back: An Evaluation of People-to-People
          Civil society, via the P2P system, can be a catalyst to advance the peace process.
         by Ron Pundak

  • Bustling Backwards: Lessons from the Norwegian Sponsored Israeli-Palestinian People-to-People Program
          An account of Norway’s role as facilitator in the peace process and the lessons learnt.
         by Jon Hanssen-Bauer

  • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: Nature Knows No Borders
          Joint environmental work as a tool for reconciliation.
         by Michael M. Cohen

  • Reconciliation with Separation: Is It Possible in the Palestinian-Israeli Case?
          Israeli separation calls into question the work of encounter groups.
         by Bernard Sabella

  • Women’s People-to-People Activities: Do We Do It Better?
          Women’s P2P encounters may actually be more effective than mixed encounters.
         by Galia Golan and by Zahira Kamal

  • Peace-Building Programs: A Canadian View
          A new Canadian project for the advancement of peace.
         by Dominique Rossetti

  • Breaking down the Walls: Northern Ireland Lessons
          The Irish case and the effectiveness of community involvement in peace-making.
         by Mari Fitzduff

  • The Standing Cooperation Committee: Facing the New Challenges
          The Israelis were not seriously committed to dialogue and cooperation.
         by Elias Zananiri

  • P2P – Where Do We Go From Here?
          Israelis: Amit Leshem, Rabbi Arik Asherman, Gershon Baskin, Jeff Halper, Boaz Kitian Palestinians: Walid Salem, Fadwa el-Sha’er, Sam’an Khouri, Ata Qaymari, Zahra Khalidi

  • Roundtable: The Future of People-to-People
          Janet Aviad, Fadwa el-Sha’er, Shira Herzog, Fadwa Khader, Signe Gilen (Norway) and Hillel Schenker. Moderators: Lee Perlman and Nadia Nasser-Najjab

  • The Hamas Victory: Implications and Future Challenges
          Why Hamas won and what awaits it in the political arena.
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • The Jewish National Fund: How the Land Was ‘Redeemed’
          The JNF’s historical concept of exclusively Jewish land is wholly anachronistic.
         by Dan Leon

  • Israeli-Palestinian Civil Cooperation: New Context, New Strategies
          Facing the new “no partner” reality.
         by Walid Salem

    Book Review
  • A Poet Redraws Boundaries
          A review of Benjamin Hollander’s “Rituals of Truce and the Other Israeli”
         by Khaled Furani

  • Chronicling the Skein of Fraternal Hostility
          A review of Matt Rees’ “Cain’s Field: Faith, Fratricide and Fear in the Middle East”
         by James Murray

  • Palestinian Center for Public Opinion
          Impact of Halting EU and U.S. Financial and Economic Aid to the Palestinian Government

    Eye of the Camera
  • Woman and The Wall
          Elisheva Smith

  • Breaking Down the Iron Wall
          “Palestinian filmmakers are demonstrating a growing maturity” says Alattar
         by Hillel Schenker

  • Paradise Now: The Movie
          A review of the Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated film.
         by Freddy Rokem and by Galit Hasan-Rokem

  • Nebo Mountain
          A chapter from the novel by Izzat al-Ghazzawi

  • A Speech by President Mahmoud Abbas
          Excerpts from President Mahmoud Abbas’ Speech to the Opening of the PLC

  • An Address by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
          Text of speech by then Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, January 24, 2006

    Chronology of Events
  • July 1, 2005 to April 1, 2006
          Edited by Najat Hirbawi

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