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Editorial Board

Hisham Awartani

Danny Rubinstein

Sam'an Khoury

Boaz Evron

Walid Salem

Ari Rath

Zahra Khalidi

Daniel Bar-Tal

Ammar AbuZayyad

Galit Hasan-Rokem

Khaled Abu Aker

Galia Golan

Nazmi Ju'beh

Gershon Baskin

Edy Kaufman

Ata Qaymari

Benjamin Pogrund

Nafez Nazzal

Simcha Bahiri

Nadia Naser-Najjab

Dan Jacobson

Jumana Jaouni

Dan Leon

Anat Cygielman

Khuloud Khayyat Dajani

Izhak Schnell

The Road Ahead
Vol.3 Nos. 3 & 4 1996

Table of Contents


  • Binyamin Netanyahu and the Peace Process
         by Dan Leon

    Letters to the Editors
  • Letters to the Editors

  • Palestinian Self-Rule, Israeli Security - An interview
          A close associate of the Israeli prime minister outlines Israeli policy guidelines.
         by David Bar-Illan

  • What It Takes to Make Peace - An interview
          Palestinian expectations after the Hebron agreement and toward permanent¨status negotiations.
         by Saeb Erekat

  • Jerusalem: The Palestinian Vision - An interview
          Palestinian approaches to assure the success of the negotiations.
         by Faisal Husseini

  • Can Jerusalem Become More Human?
          Jerusalem needs a slow process of "winning of hearts" so as to dissolve the hostility.
         by Thomas Stransky

  • The Present and Future of Jerusalem
          The task of saving Jerusalem from occupation is too large for the leadership alone.
         by Gershon Baskin

  • The Alpher Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Final Status in the Territorie
          Details of what Joseph Alpher considers the only mutually acceptable solution for the two sides.

  • Israeli Settlement Policy: Its Impact on the Scope oj Peace in the Region
          Israelís settlement policy closes the option of Palestinian statehood. Peace and settlements are incompatible.
         by Ghassan Khatib

  • Citizenship and Palestinian Refugees
          The position of the Palestinian refugees and their need for international protection.
         by Najeh Jarrar

  • A Technical Framework Jor Final-Status Negotiations over Water
          How a Palestinian State should approach the principles of sovereignty and cooperation over water.
         by Abdel-Rahman Tamimi

  • A Water-for-Peace Plan
          A just solution to the water problem is a condition for peace.
         by Hillel Shuval

  • Binyamin Netanyahu: Ideology and Realism
          The dilemmas of the Netanyahu government - ideology against pragmatism.
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • Towards an Alternative Israeli-Palestinian Discourse
          Instead of "two states for two peoples," a civil state shared by the two communities is proposed.
         by Asíad Ghanem and by Sarah Ozacky-Lazar

  • The Palestinian Opposition and Final-Status Negotiations
          The taboo imposed in the early days of the peace process is being broken.
         by Riad al-Malki

  • Israeli Public Opinion and the Peace Process - An interview
          Israeli public opinion polls reveal a legitimization of the Oslo peace process.
         interview with Tamar Hermann

  • Palestinian Public Opinion and the Peace Process
          Support for the peace process, reservations over implementations of agreements.
         by Leila Dabdoub

  • Closure and Borders
          An examination of Israeli closure policies as unique in the world, their implementation and consequences.
         by Muhammad Nakhal

  • A Perspective on Communication in Palestinian Society
          An analysis of communication patterns in Palestinian society shows major shifts expressing new realities.
         by Randa S. Zaharna

  • Selective Refusal
          Yesh Gvul (There Is a Limit), a movement of soldiers refusing to serve in Lebanon and in the occupied territories.
         by Peretz Kidron

  • The Impact of Dialogue
          Grass-roots Palestinian-Israeli dialogue as a path to peace.
         by Yehudit Green

    Review Essay
  • Bibi among the Nations
          A Place among the Nations: Israel and the World by Binyamin Netanyahu Reviewed by Hillel Schenker Instead of "Read my lips," Netanyahu says "Read my book."
         by Hillel Schenker

    Journal Jottings
  • Hospital and Handcuffs
          How two wounded Palestinian youths were handcuffed to their beds in Hadassah Hospital.
         by Guy Hessel

  • Israeli Impediments to Investment in Palestine
          Obstacles to the creation of a profitable Palestinian business environment.

  • Four Poems
         by Rachel Bluwstein

  • Emile Habiby: A Palestinian Writer in the Context of Israeli Culture
          Habibyís work has gained an important status within Hebrew culture.
         by Hannan Hever

  • Jasmine and Wood
          A chapter from a novel by a Palestinian writer of novels, short stories and childrenís literature.
         by Liana Badr

  • Extracts from the Protocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron
          January 15, 1997

    Chronology of Events
  • April 1, 1996 to October 1, 1996
          Edited by Anat Cygiebnan and Uzi Bechar

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