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Ata Qaymari

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Vol.2 No.1 1995 covers/vol2-1cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • No, Oslo Is Not Dead
         by Victor Cygielman

    Letters to the Editors
  • Letters to the Editors

  • Towards a New Chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations?
          The essence of Oslo IS the pursuit of, and the need to reach, peace.
         by Ron Pundak

  • The Inadequacy of an Interim Agreement
          A final setflement has more chance of success than an interim agreement.
         by Ghassan Khatib

  • Why Oslo Must Not Fail
          What are the options for easing tension and isolating extremists on both sides?
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • Is Oslo Dead?
          Rabinís "no dates are sacred" set the stage for Israeli violations of the agreement.
         by Uri Avnery

  • What is the Alternative to Oslo?
          The future of the peace process lies in the hands of the Israeli government.
         by Ali Jarbawi

  • The Co-Sponsors and the Middle East Peace Process
          The U.s. should rethink the function of, and approach to, co-sponsorship.
         by Bishara A. Bahbah

  • Are the Settlements an Obstacle to Peace?
          Five categories of Jewish settlement in the territories conquered in 1967.
         by Danny Rubenstein

  • The Rabin That Failed
          As Rabinís authority fades, hopes for a new Middle East dwindle too.
         by Boas Evron

  • Israeli Public Opinion Polls on the Peace Process
          Israeli support tor the peace process depends on Arafatís ability to
    "deliver ilie goods."

         by Dan Leon

  • Palestinian Public Opinion Polls on the Peace Process
          Palestinians want negotiations halted if settlement activity continues.
         by Leila Dabdoub

  • The Road to Peace Starts in Jerusalem: the Condominium Solution
          An undivided Jerusalem as a joint capital in a two-state solution.
         by John V. Whitbeck

  • My Brother Is My Enemy
          Can the temporal be separated from the spiritual?
         by Jean Daniel

  • Peace Intermediate Stress Syndrome: the Israeli Experience
          Stressful reactions, on both sides, followed the historic handshake: an analysis.
         by Dan Bar-On

  • The Environment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: Status and Prospects
          The neglect of the environment in the OPT and the task of the Palestinian National Authority.
         by Adnan Shqueir

    Book Review
  • The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-51, by ILan Pappe
    London: I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd., 1992, 324 pp.

          Reviewed by Henry Rosenfeld

    Journal Jottings
  • Daoud Kuttab and Daniel Gavron

  • The Implementation of the Palestinian-Israeli Economic Agreements: a Palestinian Perspective
          All have a vested interest in ameliorating the rapidly deteriorating conditions in the OPT.
         by Hisham Awartani

  • Postcard from the Peace Process
          Some thoughts on a Palestinian-Israeli coproduction of Romeo and Juliet
         by Freddy Rokem

  • Tsahal (The Israeli Defense Forces). Directed by Claude Lanzmann
          Reviewed by Amnon Kapeliouk

  • The Shelter
          Yossef Sharon
         by Yasser Abed Rabbo

  • Never Mind
          Taha Muhammad Ali

    Chronology of Events
  • October I, 1994, to January I, 1995
          Edited by Anat Cygielman

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