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40 Years Later

Vol.14 No.1 2007 covers/vol14-1cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • In Memoriam: Victor Cygielman

  • Jerusalem ... 40 Years Later
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • The Disintegration of the Jerusalem Unification Policy
          Given the failure of “unification,” the division of Jerusalem may accomplish more.
         by Moshe Amirav

  • East Jerusalem: 40 Years of Occupation
          In discussions of Jerusalem’s future, the people are usually forgotten or marginalized.
         by Nazmi Ju’beh

  • Discrimination and Deprivation in Jerusalem1
         City Hall policy derives from ideology and a discriminatory organizational culture.
         by Meir Margalit

  • The Socioeconomic Impact of the Wall on East Jerusalem
         The separation wall has made of thousands of Palestinians exiles in their own homes.
         by Bernard Sabella

  • The Impact of the Separation Wall on Jerusalem
         The separation wall may critically endanger the peace process, harm residents and risk further destabilization.
         by Nora Biatra-Rayan and by Daniela Yanai

  • Jerusalem in Public International Law
         Jerusalem is an Arab city occupied and subject to the applicability of the law of belligerent occupation.
         by Ibrahim M. Sha’ban

  • Some Reflections on Jerusalem
          National aspirations, religious and municipal aspects and the periphery require compromises.
         by Ruth Lapidoth

  • The "Unification" of Jerusalem
          Israel has failed to “unify” Jerusalem; the city remains divided 40 years on.
         by Ziad AbuZayyad

  • When the 1967 War and the 1977 Peace Visited My Home in Jerusalem
         On that Friday night, my one-dimensional perception of the Arab “other” cracked.
         by Menachem Klein

  • Israeli Policy in Jerusalem after 1967
         Although they deliberated about modalities, the Israelis were overwhelmingly in favor of the annexation of Jerusalem.
         by Sufian Abu Zaideh

  • Joint Activism in Jerusalem: Is a Joint Community-Based Agenda Possible?
         Can joint peace projects be transformed to meet the needs of the population?
         by Walid Salem

  • Jerusalem, Past, Present and Future
         interview with Meron Benvenisti

  • 40 Years Later
         Moshe Amirav, Menahem Klein, Ruth Lapidoth, Nazmi Ju’beh, Riad Malki, Mazen Qupty. Moderators: Ziad AbuZayyad, Amnon Kapeliouk

  • A Curious Story: Palestinians and the Arab States
         The Arab League Peace Initiative could change the whole Israel-Palestine equation
         by Paul Scham

    Book Review
  • City of Oranges: Arabs and Jews in Jaffa
         by Adam LeBor, reviewed by John Bunzl

  • Bridging the Divide: Peace Building in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, edited by Edy Kaufman,     Walid Salem and Juliette Verhoeven
         Amnesty After Atrocity? Healing Nations after Genocide and War Crimes by Helena Cobban, both reviewed
         by Sol Gittleman

  • Closures and Separation and Their Impact on East Jerusalem’s Economic Sectors
         by Azzam Tawfiq Abu Saud

  • In Jerusalem
         by Mahmoud Darwish

  • To Jerusalem
         by Yusuf Hamdan

  • Looking at Henry Moore’s Elephant Skull Etchings in Jerusalem During the War
         by Shirley Kaufman

  • A Braid of Voices: a literary essay on Jerusalem
         by Ariel Hirschfeld

  • Riyadh Declaration (March 2007)

  • Israeli Statement on the Arab Summit in Riyadh (March 2007)

  • The Arab Peace Initiative (Beirut, 2002)

    Chronology of Events
  • January 1, 2007 to April 1, 2007
          Compiled by Najat Hirbawi

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