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The Economic Dimension:
Past, Present and Future

Vol.14 No.3 2007 covers/vol14-3cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • Nearing a Possible Crossroads
         by Hillel Schenker

  • Letter to the Editor

  • Reform in Institutional Framework and Economic Policies
         by Hisham Awartani

  • The Conditions of Economic Viability
         by Ephraim Kleiman

  • Back to Negotiating the Final Status - The Economic Dimension
          An independent trade regime would lead to a competitive Palestinian environment.
         by Arie Arnon and by Saeb Bamya

  • The Gaza Economy: Current Status and Future Prospects
          With the continued closures, Gaza’s economy is on the verge of an irreversible collapse.
         by Mahmoud K. Okasha

  • Recovery of Palestinian Exports: A Simple First Step
         The aim would be to rehabilitate the exports of Palestinian goods and labor to Israel.
         by Ezra Sadan and by Ruth Lowenthal

  • A Fair Economic and Trade Settlement
         The Palestinians should look for more symmetrical trade relations with Israel.
         by Mahmoud K. Eljafari

  • How to Grow a Cucumber (and How It is Connected to the Railway)
          What to invest in for more cooperation and a better understanding? Infrastructure.
         by Gideon Eshet

  • Trade Security
         The challenge is to achieve the dual aim of enhancing security and facilitating trade.
         by Majdi Haj Khalil

  • Economic Consequences of Different Solutions
         An economic union of independent states would be mutually beneficial.
         by Simcha Bahiri

  • Accord to Discord: A Political Economy Approach to the Oslo Process
         The emphasis shifted from confidence-building measures to security and sovereignty.
         by Jamie Levin

  • New Realities
         interview with Samir HuleiIeh

  • The Economic Dimension
         Ephraim Kleiman, David Brodet, Samih al-Abid Karakrah and Nasser Tahboub. Moderator: Avi Temkin

  • South Africa and the Palestinian Horizon
         The Palestinians must present a unified national liberation plan.
         by Azmi Bishara

  • Denial and Forced Existence
         The Zionist collective has genuine difficulty in engaging the Other, the Palestinians.
         by Ruchama Marton

  • Palestinians and Israeli Jews: Divide and Share the Land
         A combination of political separation and sharing the land could be a solution to the conflict.
         by Said Zeedani

  • An Open Letter to Nelson Mandela
         A visit would focus public opinion and encourage a joint struggle for coexistence.
         by Ali Al-Azhari

    Special Report
  • Report on PIJ Public Events

    Book Review
  • Failing Peace: Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Sara Roy; Palestine Refugee Repatriation: Global Perspectives edited by Michael Dumper
         A Violent World: TV News Images of Middle Eastern Terror and War by Nitzan Ben-Shaul; and The Triumph of Military Zionism: Nationalism and the Origins of the Israeli Right by Colin Shindler.
         by Sol Gittleman

  • Israel and Palestine: Competing Histories by Mike Berry and Greg Philo.
         by Heidi Basch

  • Sabra-Shatila: Resisting the Slaughter
         by Musa Al-Hindi

  • Three Poems
         by Samih AI-Qasim

  • Available on the PIJ website:

    Chronology of Events
  • July 1, 2007 to October 1, 2007
          Compiled by Najat Hirbawi

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