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Ali Abu Shahla

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Hanna Siniora

Yehudit Oppenheimer

Mossi Raz

Susie Becher

Frances Raday

JERUSALEM, In the Eye of the Storm
Vol.17 No.12 2011 covers/vol17-12cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • The Importance of Jerusalem: Why a Double Issue
         by Ziad AbuZayyad and by Hillel Schenker

  • East Jerusalem: A Test Case
          East Jerusalem is tied to the larger issue of Israeli-Palestinian relations, and Europe has both an opportunity and a duty to play a role in establishing peace.
         by Dries Van Agt

  • From Partition to Reunification to…? The Transformation of the Metropolitan Area of Jerusalem since 1967
         Israel is heading towards further control of East Jerusalem, not towards disengagement.
         by Marco Allegra

  • The Strange Case of American Tax-Exempt Money for Settlements
          Untaxed American funds fuel settlement growth in East Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
         by Michael Several

  • The EU and Jerusalem: Countering Policies That Will Prevent Peace
         Europe must take a stronger stance against the occupation of and settlement-building in Jerusalem.
         by Muriel Asseburg

  • An Explosive Situation in Silwan
          The government’s complicity in right-wing settler activity in Silwan creates immense obstacles to a peaceful resolution on Jerusalem.
         by Yehudit Oppenheimer

  • Invisible Settlements in Jerusalem
          Jerusalem tourist sights and settlements are being used to promote an exclusively Jewish narrative of the city’s history.
         by Hagit Ofran

  • Jerusalem: Palestinian Space, Behaviors and Attitudes
          With Israel’s manipulation of their space, East Jerusalemites are reappraising the credibility of the peace process.
         by Omar Yousef

  • The Human Security of the Palestinian Jerusalemites: A Story of an Internal Occupation
         Palestinians search for ways to preserve their community in an occupied city
         by Walid Salem

  • The Policy of House Demolitions in East Jerusalem: What It Is, How It Is Done and to What End
         Housing demolitions contribute to the forced emigration of Palestinians from Jerusalem.
         by Jeff Halper

  • Education in East Jerusalem
         The Jerusalem municipality’s failure to provide adequate funding has created an educational crisis in East Jerusalem
         by Ata Qaymari

  • Palestinian Refugees’ Property in West Jerusalem: A Fortune Up for Grabs
         Since 1948, Israel has carried out an illegal policy of confiscating the property of Palestinian refugees from West Jerusalem
         by Adnan Abdelrazek

  • Archaeology Should Not Be Used as a Weapon in the Struggle over Jerusalem
         In Silwan and the City of David, science is too often held hostage by ideology and used as a tool for political gain.
         by Yonathan Mizrachi

  • For Israel There Is One Jerusalem… Why Do We Have Two Jerusalems?
          There is enough justification for Palestinians to claim for their rights in both East and West Jerusalem.
         by Rana Bishara

  • Qalandia Checkpoint: A Main Palestinian Gateway to Jerusalem
         Qalandia checkpoint has become a nightmare for the Palestinian community of Jerusalem
         by Ahmad Sub Laban

  • The Jerusalem Saga: Current Realities in Jerusalem
         An in-depth look at the current “de-Palestinization” policies in East Jerusalem
         by Jad Isaac and by Suhail Khalilieh

  • The Shift — Israel’s New Goals in Jerusalem
         The Green Line is becoming irrelevant as Israel expands its control over Jerusalem and beyond
         by Menachem Klein

  • Jerusalem Municipality’s 2020 Master Plan
         The Jerusalem Municipality’s 2020 Master Plan will serve to consolidate Israeli control over East Jerusalem while bringing little benefit to its inhabitants
         by Meir Margalit

  • Jerusalem… Wiesel’s Option
          The assertion that “Jerusalem is above politics” ignores the reality of life in the city
         by Samir Mutawi

  • Borders in Jerusalem
         A two-state solution will require the establishment of a controlled border running through Jerusalem
         by Izhak Schnell

  • A UN Perspective on the Status of Jerusalem
          An overview of the United Nations’ historical and current positions regarding the status of Jerusalem.
         by Adnan Abdelrazek

  • Jerusalem’s Holy Basin: Who Needs It?
         Separating the Old City from the rest of Jerusalem could severely disrupt the city’s urban fabric
         by Wendy Pullen and by Maximilian Gwiazda

  • From Dissonance to a Permanent Status Destination: Creating Policy Options to Pave the Way to Final Status
         In order to reach a just and stable resolution on Jerusalem, a number of steps must be taken to promote trust and equity between the populations
         by Sam’an Khoury and by Sarah Kreimer

  • East Jerusalem: Between War and Peace
         The creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital is a key step in mending relations between Israel and the Arab and Islamic worlds
         by Moshe Maoz

  • The Struggle for Jerusalem and Proposed Solutions
         Sovereignty over Jerusalem and its holy sites remains an area of deep division in the search for peace
         by Taher Shash

  • Israel’s Positions on Jerusalem
         Israel’s stances on Jerusalem have evolved since the unilateral “unification” of the city in 1967, but Olmert may have revisited the 1947 Partition Plan’s ideas
         by Galia Golan

  • The Jewish Conquest of West and East Jerusalem: 1948 to the Present
         West Jerusalem was also once home to Palestinians
         by Ibrahim Matar

  • On Jerusalem
         To date, the status of Jerusalem has been determined not by negotiation or demography, but through conquest
         by Afif Safieh

  • Palestinian Institutions in Jerusalem
          Palestinian NGOs face a myriad of challenges when operating in East Jerusalem
         by Najat Hirbawi and by David Helfand

  • Madaa: A Creative Center in Wadi Hilweh
          The Wadi Hilweh and Madaa Centers work to preserve the Palestinian community and its voice in Silwan
         by Anna Koulouris

  • “We Stand Together, Every Week in Sheikh Jarrah, Together!”
          Israelis and Palestinians unite to save East Jerusalem families from eviction
         by Sahar Vardi

  • Toward a Viable Jerusalem: The Work of Ir Amim
          Ir Amim works for the fair and equitable treatment of all Jerusalem residents
         by Ela Greenberg and by Lexi Curtice

  • Bimkom’s Activities in Jerusalem
          Urban planning must first and foremost address the needs and desires of the city’s inhabitants
         by Efrat Cohen-Bar

  • ICAHD’S Activities in East Jerusalem
          The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions focuses on local activism to save Palestinian homes and end the occupation
         by Jeff Halper

  • ACRI’s East Jerusalem Project
          The Association for Civil Rights in Israel is using the legal system to fight discrimination and abuse in Jerusalem
         by Ronit Sela

  • Peace Now’s Emergency Conference — Mayor Barkat Endangers Jerusalem
          Jerusalem’s mayor is pursuing policies in the city that threaten the entire peace process
         by Etai Mizra

  • In the Shadow of the Wall and Separation: Everyday Life in East Jerusalem
          The Separation Barrier has a wide range of damaging effects on daily life for Palestinians living in and around Jerusalem.
         by Tovi Fenster and by Oren Shlomo

  • Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III
          The Greek Orthodox Church and the Future of Jerusalem
         by Anna Koulouris

  • The Battle for Israel’s Soul
         Israeli activists must connect with young, secular American Jews through a liberal Zionism that allows for criticism of Israeli policy
         by Peter Beinart

  • Corn in Ramallah
         Israeli and Palestinian security forces cooperate in the enforced separation of two peoples
         by Gil HochBerg

  • The Fayyad Plan: Implications for the State of Israel
          The success of the Fayyad Plan will benefit both Palestinians and Israelis
         by Natalia Simanovsky

  • A Film Unfinished: A Holocaust Documentary Raises Questions about What We See and What We Know
          Nazi propaganda serves as a reminder of the dangers of the media distortion we live with today
         by Danny Schechter

    Book Review
  • Jerusalem Syndrome: The Palestinian-Israeli Battle for the Holy City by Moshe Amirav.
          Reviewed by Benjamin Pogrund

  • Seizing Control of Space in East Jerusalem by Meir Margalit.
          Reviewed by Itamar Haritan

  • The West Bank Wall as Canvas: Art and Graffiti in Palestine/Israel
         by Christine Leuenberger

  • Poems on Jerusalem and Peace
         by Bat-Chen Shahak

  • Left/Expelled Project
         by Annonymous.Activist.Artists (A.A.A.)

  • “Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem”

  • Executive Summary of OCHA Report "The Planning Crisis in East Jerusalem

  • Public Opinion Poll among Palestinians of East Jerusalem

  • Call for Reason – J-Call

  • For The Sake of Zion

  • For Jerusalem: Open Letter to President Obama by Elie Wiesel

  • An Open Letter to Elie Wiesel

  • The Status of Jerusalem — Positions of Major Stakeholders

  • Religious Perspectives on Jerusalem

    Chronology of Events
  • January 1, 2010 to October 1, 2010
         by Najat Hirbawi

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