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Women and Power
Vol.17 No.3 & 4 2011 covers/vol17-34cover.jpg

Table of Contents


  • Women and Power
         by Ziad AbuZayyad and by Hillel Schenker

  • Introductions
          Women and Power
         by Galia Golan and by Lucy Nusseibeh

  • The Intrinsic Role of Women in Peace and Security - Genesis and Follow Up of UNSCR 1325
         by Anwarul Chowdhury

  • It Is Time to Walk the Talk and Fulfill the Promise of UNSCR 1325
          Progress in implementing UNSCR 1325 has been slow and uneven; we need renewed commitment to fully and effectively implement this foundational document on women and peace and security.
         by Mavic Cabrera-Balleza

  • Empowerment of Women
         To shorten the stages of the women’s empowerment process, development institutions have provided a range of interventions.
         by Zahira Kamal

  • Gender, Power and Politics in Israel
          Translating political representation into meaningful empowerment for women.
         by Naomi Chazan

  • What Would Be Different If the Peace Process Was Run by Women?
          The potential impact of a women on the peace process.
         by Hind Khoury

  • A Gender Perspective on Security
          Viewing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a different lens.
         by Galia Golan

  • Women and Power in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
          As we assert our power and move away from the stereotypical mindsets of the conflict, we can also help to transform the entire conflict.
         by Lucy Nusseibeh

  • Israel and UNSCR 1325
          Women’s organizations, feminists and peace activists face multiple dilemmas in trying to make themselves heard and have an impact on the political process.
         by Anat Saragusti

  • Women’s Empowerment and Peace-Building under Occupation?
          Assessing the current obstacles to women’s empowerment and peace.
         by Sonia Najjar

  • Gender Myths and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A summary of Differences and Similarities in Israeli Jewish Public Opinion
         Do women and men in Israel continue to show similar attitudes toward peace and war as in the past?
         by Dahlia Scheindlin

  • Out of History: A Journey to Identity through the Silenced Voices of Bedouin Women
          Narrative of the internal struggle of a Bedouin, Arab, Muslim, Palestinian, Israeli.
         by Safa Abu-Rabia

  • A Year of Saying No
         A group of Israeli women made a political statement by taking Palestinian women to the beach for the day, in protest of Israel’s movement restrictions against Palestinians.
         by Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

  • The Multiple Identities of Arab Women in Israel
          Women who are Arab, Muslim, a minority and also Israeli need to reshape a vision of a self, an “other,” and a direction for the future into something that is hopeful.
         by Dalia Fadila

  • The Rise of Feminism in Israel
         Contrary to the Zionist ideal, the struggle for women’s rights has been a long and bitter one, in part due to absorption into the male-dominated labor movement.
         by Joanne Yaron

    Focus 1
  • Engaging Grandmothers: Israeli and Palestinian Women Share Their Stories
          An Israeli woman and a Palestinian woman find friendship through the shared experience of bereavement, and participate in a dialogue group for grandmothers from both sides.
         by Jillian Slutzker

  • It Is More than a Game
         Football bridges the divide between Israeli and Palestinian children and encourages a dialogue between them at the Peres Center for Peace.
         by Tami Hay-Sagiv and by Inbal Ben-Ezer

  • The Power of Encounter
          We realized the need for “deeper understanding,” allowing students the space and time to talk about culture, identity, their fears and the conflict itself.
         by Abeer Hazboun

    Focus 2
  • Women and the Egyptian Revolution: A Dream Deferred
         Samuel Chapple-Sokol, Sana Mahmood. Women played an unprecedented and critical role in Egypt’s revolution yet must work hard not to be excluded from the emerging power structures and the political agenda.
         by Althea Middleton-Detzner and by Jillian Slutzker

  • Women of the Middle East: The Jihad Within
         Women were a formidable presence in recent political protests but the struggle for women’s rights against entrenched social norms throughout the Middle East is ongoing.
         by Heidi Basch

  • Women’s Empowerment Cyprus Style
         A documentary film about reconciliation between Greek and Turkish Cypriot women contains poignant relevance to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
         by Jenny Levin

  • The Role of Women in the Struggle for Palestine.
         by Lamis AIami

  • We Women Have to Be More Assertive in Getting Our Voices Heard
         by Alice Shalvi

  • Change Come Fast, Change Come Slow, but Change Come1
          The Story of UN Security Council Resolution 1325
         by Cora Weiss

  • Women and Power.
         Galia Golan, Molly Malekar, Galit Hasan-Rokem, Lucy Nusseibeh, and Sonia Najjar

    Book Review
  • Refusing to be Enemies by Maxine Kaufman -Lacusta
         Reviewed by Edy Kaufman

  • The Politics of Change by Michael Broning
         Reviewed by Rainer Kessler

  • On Hovering by Dalia Ravikovitch
         by Chana Bloch and by Chana Kronfeld

  • Palestine is Open for Business
         Rising Transcripts
         by Tala Abu-Rahmeh

  • On A Hilltop At The Nassar Farm, Overlooking the Settlement Of Neve Daniel
         by Elana Bell

  • My Cancer Diary
         by Maysa Abu-Ghannam

  • Living behind the Lines
         by Deb Reich

  • UN Security Council Resolution 1325

  • The Nobel Peace Prize 2011

  • Equality for Women Law

  • We Do Not Obey

  • Gender Analysis of Israeli-Palestinian Core Negotiation Issues

  • Directory of Women’s Empowerment Organizations

  • Books on Women in Israel and Palestine

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