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Jerusalem: 40 Years Later

On October 28, 2007, at the Palestinian Cultural Center in Tulkarm, the Palestine-Israel Journal (PIJ) co-participated in a panel discussion on the issue of Jerusalem. PIJ Co-editor Ziad AbuZayyad, Palestinian Legislative Council Member Dr. Siham Thabet, and Mufti of Tulkarm District Sheikh Ammar Badawi presented for the panel.

AbuZayyad spoke about the PIJ and the special issue on Jerusalem. He also addressed the current situation in the city, and offered a future vision for solving the problem of Jerusalem.

Dr. Thabet raised the Palestinian viewpoint for solving the problem of Jerusalem.

Sheikh Badawi spoke of the importance of Jerusalem for Muslims.

At the end of the panel, the discussion was opened to the audience and many questions were addressed to AbuZayyad on the situation in Jerusalem. Abu Zayyad outlined the present political approach to the issue of Jerusalem.

Other questions from the audience focused on the prospects for success or failure that may result from the Annapolis conference scheduled for late November. AbuZayyad warned of the risks associated with the failure of the conference. He said that success will be measured by what happens beyond the immediate future. AbuZayyad emphasized that the conference’s success depends on its ability to formulate a clear and specific document of principles, and to ensure the implementation of these principles through a clear mechanism and timetable.

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