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Date:2009-02-03 /


Superpowers Should Cooperate with the United Nations

     by Shah Ahmed

Superpowers should cooperate with the United Nations to reach an immediate permanent solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for the sake of world peace.

Israel, popularly known as the “derailed son of the USA,” now has called for a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza strip after a three-week long genocide, leaving some 1,500 Palestinian civilians killed and over 10,000 wounded.

Sources closest to the war sites said Israel Defense Forces are still continuing their offensive, in what they say is a reply to rockets attack from Hamas. Who is continuing war is not our concern. Our concern is the permanent solution of the Palestine-Israel conflict. It is fact that Israel has not yet pulled back their army from Gaza, which has created doubt over its stated willingness to end the prolonged war.

Moreover, the U.S. government has accepted Israel’s unilateral ceasefire, terming it Israel’s first step in moving away from Gaza. This, however, doesn’t give any positive indication of a permanent solution to the conflict in the near future. Thus, upcoming summits of world leaders will be useless if the United States continues to favor Israel.

In the meantime, a U.N. Committee on Palestinian Rights failed to produce any fruitful solutions due to direct or indirect interference of President Bush, who has distorted the bright image of the United States, doomed its economy and destroyed the valuable lives of many American soldiers by launching a war against terrorism in different countries including Afghanistan and Iraq. All these burdens of the Bush Administration have been shifted to the newly-elected President Barack Obama.

President Obama must realize that the world’s expectations of him is very high and there are a lot of outstanding chronic problems like the Palestine-Israel conflict that he has to resolve within the shortest possible time, otherwise it will be difficult for him to retain the superiority of the United States in the future.

In the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Current U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seems to be active in ending the genocide in Gaza. He needs to take serious steps to incorporate the superpowers, including the United States, in order to reach a permanent, peaceful solution to the Palestine issue.

If the United Nations fails to resolve the pending global issues, its neutrality will no longer be acceptable to the world. Wrong strategies and past failures of the United Nations have caused the loss of many lives. This should not be repeated again and again. If this continues, the goals of the United Nations, including those of the Millennium Development Group, will be foiled and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will never be realized.

To exercise its power, the United Nations should no longer bow down to the will of the super powers.

It is high time for the most powerful international body of the world to utilize its genuine power to halt the super powers’ unbridled aggressive activities including imposed-war, invasion and counterterrorism in the name of curbing terrorism.

Particularly, the super powers’ anti-terrorism campaigns against elements they created themselves are nothing but inhumane torture of the poor and weaker nations. The United Nations must make its voice heard against all of these acts if it really wants to establish world peace.

Finally, I expect that the current U.N. Secretary General will take real steps in turning the United Nations into a meaningful and viable organization. This can be achieved by encouraging the world’s super powers to find political solutions to the present global problems, instead of using force.

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