Naomi Chazan

Naomi Chazan

Prof. Naomi Chazan is a former Meretz MK, deputy speaker of the Knesset, and president of the New Israel Fund. She is a professor emerita of political science at the Hebrew University and a senior fellow at the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


Israel, Palestine, and UNSC Resolution 1325: Then and Now
The campaign for the substantive implementation of 1325 in Israel and Palestine, after many years of joint, parallel, and separate action and multiple detours and setbacks, is finally beginning to mature — albeit against an even more challenging reality.
Oslo, Then and Now
We must construct a revamped vision and architecture upon the more resilient conceptual, substantive, and procedural building blocks tested in the course of the multiple efforts to translate the prospect of a durable arrangement into a working and viable reality.
Democratic Recession and the Changing Contours of Civil Society in Israel
Civil society activity continues to be a key counterweight to threats to Israeli democracy
Gender, Power and Politics in Israel
Translating political representation into meaningful empowerment for women.
Israel and South Africa Revisited
A review of Heribert Adam & Kogila Moodley’s “Seeking Mandela: Peacemaking between Israelis and Palestinians” by Naomi Chazan
Towards a Settlement without Settlements
A fourfold formula for dealing with the current problems inherent in the settlement project.

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