Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab is director of the Institute of Modern Media, AL-Quds University, Jerusalem.


The New Middle East by Shimon Peres
Peres has a dream for the future but what of the immediate short-term priorities on the ground?
Women in Islam
While Palestinian women are winning more rights, religion has never hindered women’s advancement An interview with Hanan Bakri
Journal Jottings
The Peace Process and the Palestinian Interest
A Palestinian leader’s view on Israeli-Palestinian separation, the poisoned atmosphere, Hamas, Palestinian priorities and solutions.
The Amman Economic Summit
Daoud Kuttab speaks with Dr. Simcha Bahiri
The Palestinian Media and the Peace Process
The Palestinian media from the dark period of the Intifada to the emergence of the PNA.

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