Simcha Bahiri

Simcha Bahiri

Dr. Simcha Bahiri is a specialist in peace economics and a member of the PIJ Editorial Board. He worked on economic conversion with Prof. Seymour Melman at Columbia University and was involved in the Armand Hammer Project for Middle East Economic Cooperation at Tel Aviv University).


Economic Consequences of Different Solutions
An economic union of independent states would be mutually beneficial.
Separation, Confederation or Binationalism
Assuming the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, the writers discuss the three options for the political future of Israel and Palestine.
Economics and Peace
Gaza and Jericho First: The Economic Angle
A deep water port and a free economic zone might help jump-start the Gaza economy; but plans for Jericho and the rest of the territories must follow quickly if peace is to work.
Palestinian Industrial Development and Israeli-Palestinian Attitudes to Cooperation
A Palestinian and an Israeli economist study cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian industrialists.
Generating Palestinian Employment in Industrial Zones
A plan to tackle the grave unemployment in the West Bank and Gaza.
Economic Separation or Integration
Maximum political separation with maximum equitable economic cooperation
Israel’s Potential Peace Dividend
Does peace pay and is there a significant peace dividend for Israel?

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