Sharon Dolev

Sharon Dolev

Sharon Dolev is the initiator of a new Israeli grassroots anti-nuclear movement and the coordinator of a series of events held in Israel. She heads the Regional Peace Movement (RPM), formed to support the Arab Peace Initiative, and is a veteran campaign organizer for peace, environmental and human rights organizations in Israel. She is also the Peace and Disarmament campaigner for Greenpeace Mediterranean and the Israeli Greenpeace office director.


A Middle East Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Obstacles and Hopes
Obstacles including the “no peace” excuse can be addressed via CBMs, the pursuit of peace and disarmament on parallel tracks and a global nuclear weapons ban.
Creating an Anti-Nuclear Movement in Israel
A nuclear war would produce dire consequences for the Middle East, making the organization of a grassroots anti-nuclear movement a key priority.
Why the Arab Peace Initiative Is Good for the Israeli Public
The Initiative offers much more for the same price that Israel has already considered paying.

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