Edy Kaufman

Edy Kaufman

Dr Edy Kaufman teaches human rights in the Deptartment of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is former chair of the board of B’Tselem.


Is Democracy a Factor in Solving the Palestinian–Israeli Conflict?
To solve this exceedingly difficult historical conflict, new ways must be sought and there must be a stronger desire on both sides to intensify education for peace, democracy, and coexistence based on respect of the equal rights of the “other.”
Let’s Make Peace, Not Weapons of Mass Destruction
An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement could neutralize the Iranian nuclear peril and allow the long-term possibility of making the ME a nuclear weapons-free zone, Israel included.
The Nuclear Threat: Israelis and Palestinians Are Doomed to Live or Die Together
Someone will have to take the lead in the dance of diplomacy that Israel and Palestine are engaged in.
Bringing Human Rights into the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Winning "peace now" demands fighting for "human rights now."
Are Human Rights Good for the Top Dog as Well?
Why leaders must include human rights as an essential component of the peace process.


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