Arie Arnon

Arie Arnon

Arie Arnon is the Israeli coordinators of the Aix Group, analyzing the economic dimensions of a possible “two states” agreement. And an economics professor at Ben Gurion University, Israel.


Improving the Gazan Economy and Utilizing the Economic Potential of the Jordan Valley
A Framework to Address the Refugee Problem
The Aix Group Refugees Team calculates the financial aspects of solving the refugee problem.
Back to Negotiating the Final Status - The Economic Dimension
An independent trade regime would lead to a competitive Palestinian environment.
Israel and the Palestinian Economy
The 1994 Paris economic protocol is not being implemented for political reasons.
Economic Aspects of the Oslo Process
The agreed framework of the Paris Protocol is not functioning satisfactorily and its revision will have to include the demarcation of economic borders.
The Implication of Economic Borders Between Israel and Palestine
Palestinian-Israel economic agreements so far have been "incomplete contracts".

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