Vol. 25 No. 1&2 , 2020
Steal Of The Century

This issue of the Palestine-Israel Journal has undergone a number of transformations. We originally planned to dedicate the issue to “Democracy, the Rule of Law and Good Governance,” given that there is a crisis in democracy in both the Palestinian and Israeli societies. However, on January 28, 2020, at a grandiose ceremony at the White House, U.S. President Donald J. Trump unveiled his long-promised “Deal of the Century,” which he called a “Peace to Prosperity” vision, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and a select audience of right-wing American Jews, fundamentalist evangelicals, and Republicans. A “deal” is supposed to be between two parties, yet the other party, the Palestinians, were conspicuously absent from the occasion. How can you have an agreement with only one of the parties to a conflict?

Given that the United States is still the major superpower in the world, despite the fact that it appears to be
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Table of Contents
  1. The Steal of the Century ( )
    By Ziad AbuZayyad and Hillel Schenker Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  2. Focus
  3. Looking Beyond Trump: How to Reset U.S. Policy ( )
    What is needed is a categorical rejection of the Trump “vision” by the international community and the articulation of a serious peace proposal by the PLO.
    By Daniel Kurtzer Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  4. A Recipe for Permanent, Perpetual Conflict ( )
    The Trump plan has given Israel the green light to turn the temporary occupation into permanent annexation, thereby achieving its true goal of changing the paradigm of the two-state solution and leave us with an apartheid state.
    By Ziad AbuZayyad Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  5. Trump Plan Sets the Conflict Back 100 Years ( )
    The Trump proposal first and foremost deals a mortal blow to everything achieved to date in efforts to reach a resolution, reviving the Israeli illusion of an agreement without any concession on the West Bank.
    By Shaul Arieli Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  6. Deal of the Century: Challenges, Implications and Future Prospects ( )
    The “Deal of the Century” does not present just solutions and, therefore, is not a plan to resolve the conflict but rather a plan to perpetuate it.
    By Yousef Younis Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  7. Should Trump’s “Vision” for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Be Taken Seriously? ( )
    There is an urgent need for a practical alternative plan, such as a rejuvenated Arab Peace Initiative, around which most of the international community can unite.
    By Tony Klug Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  8. The Great Challenge: The Palestinian Minority in Israel and the “Deal of the Century” ( )
    Now that it has become almost impossible to realize the two-state solution, the Palestinian minority in Israel must work with the Palestinian leadership to draft a new vision for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    By Raif Hussein Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  9. Beyond the Trump Plan: How Can the International Community Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking? ( )
    The international community's primary goal in responding to the Trump plan should be to prevent Israeli annexation of territories in the West Bank by voicing clear opposition.
    By Nimrod Goren Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  10. In Their Own Right: Evangelical Rejection of Palestinian Human Rights and Dignity ( )
    Evangelicals would do well to support and respond to the needs of both Jewish and Palestinian suffering and not ignore the day-to-day effects of the occupation of the Palestinian people that has been in effect since 1967
    By Mae Elise Cannon Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  11. The Jewish Fundamentalist Roots of Trump's “Peace Deal” ( )
    The Trump plan's recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and legitimization of Israel's annexation of settlement lands are in line with the Jewish fundamentalism that emerged following Israel's victory in the 1967 war and the emergence of the Gush Emunim movement in 1974.
    By Fahima Kattani-Ghanayem Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  12. Trump’s “Deal of the Century” Is Modeled on South African Apartheid ( )
    Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a new Bantustan plan modeled after the plan advanced by South Africa's apartheid regime 40 years ago, and the international community must once again make its voice heard loud and clear in opposition.
    By Alon Liel Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  13. Rejecting the “Deal of the Century”– A Reflection of Millennial Attitudes ( )
    Jewish-American millennials reject unconditional support of Israeli policy, the Trump plan is antithetical to their political attitudes, and the divergence between younger Jewish-Americans and Jewish-Israelis will have long-term implications.
    By Noa Balf Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  14. The Trump Plan: Personal Views from Palestine and Israel ( )
    With its vested interest in the preservation of international law, the world will not accept the plan's legitimization of Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands.
    By Hind Khoury and Susie Becher Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  15. No Missed Opportunity in Rejection of Trump Plan ( )
    The Trump plan legitimizes the Israeli vision of “Greater Jerusalem,” pushing Palestinians out of and keeping complete control over the city, and preventing the establishment of a viable, sovereign and contiguous Palestinian state.
    By Walid Salem Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  16. Trump Plan Ignores the Past and Offers a Bleak Future ( )
    The Trump administration's plan excludes the Palestinians, ignores all past negotiations, core issues, and possible solutions and, instead of ending the conflict, perpetuates it.
    By Galia Golan Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  17. Pro-Israel and Anti-Semitic: Understanding Evangelical Support for Israel ( )
    Premillennialist evangelicals look for the return of Jews to Palestine and believe that Israel can do no wrong, but they also expect Jews to convert to Christianity.
    By Randall Balmer Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  18. The “Deal of the Century” from a Palestinian Perspective ( )
    The Trump plan is a wake-up call for the Palestinian people and the sleeping international community, which must take action against the plan's racist vision instead of issuing statements and passing resolutions.
    By Dalal Iriqat Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  19. The “Deal of the Century” Dies in Jerusalem ( )
    The Trump plan's most substantive flaw is in placing Jerusalem under Israeli control and sovereignty, when in fact a shared and open Jerusalem is a central core issue that should be the first issue on the agenda for a new proposal.
    By Gershon Baskin Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  20. The Trump Plan: A Realization of the Original Zionist Colonial Scheme Which Disregards the Palestinians ( )
    It is clear that Israel’s anti-Palestinian drive — from “a land without a people for a people without a land” to “no Palestinian partner for peace” — remains the primary force behind the Israel-Zionist nation-building project.
    By Adnan Abdelrazek Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  21. American Reaction to Trump's “Deal of the Century”: Can U.S. Policy Change? ( )
    A President Biden would undoubtedly revoke the “Deal of the Century” and withdraw support for annexation, while were Trump to be re-elected and continue to maintain the plan there is little that anyone could do to stop him.
    By Paul Scham Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  22. The Trump Plan Threatens the Status Quo at the Temple Mount/al-Haram al-Sharif ( )
    The Trump plan empowers forces working to shatter the ban on non-Muslim worship on the site and increases the possibility of another episode of nationally or religiously motivated violence in Jerusalem, further deepening the intractability of the broader conflict.
    By Ofer Zalzberg Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  23. Israeli Democracy Will Not Survive the Occupation ( )
    Those working to strengthen the continued occupation, or “occupartheid,” are undermining democracy in Israel itself through discrimination, suppression of pluralism and freedom of expression, disregard for the law, and manipulation of the justice, legal, security, and medical systems.
    By Daniel Bar-Tal Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  24. “The Deal within the Deal” ( )
    The "deal within the deal" offers a practical work plan for annexation of the settlements and the subsequent foiling of any possibility of a viable future Palestinian state.
    By Aviv Tatarsky and Yudith Oppenheimer Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  25. Roundtable
  26. Looking at Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” Plan ( )
    Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, Dr. Iyad Dajani, Ambassador Hind Khoury, Ambassador Ilan Baruch, Lior Amihai, Susie Becher, Hillel Schenker and Ziad AbuZayyad.
    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  27. Interview
  28. 25th Anniversary of the Palestine-Israel Journal ( )

    By Ziad AbuZayyad and Hillel Schenker Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  29. Book Review
  30. Reflections on Hen Efshar by Menny Mautner ( )
    Hen Efshar: A Futuristic Middle-Eastern Story (Hebrew, September 2019). Carmel Publishers, series “Parshanut ve Tarbut.” Reviewed by Khaled Furani
    By Khaled Furani Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  31. Culture, Literature and the Arts
  32. Alfa Theater — the Biography of an Independent Fringe Theater ( )
    The group's plurality has been manifested not only regarding the variety of experience but also in terms of social and ethnic pluralism — teachers and students, Jews and Palestinians together.
    By Avraham Oz Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  33. New Suggestions ( )

    By Ahmad Dahbour Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  34. From “I Do Not Renounce Madness” ( )

    By Ahmad Dahbour Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  35. Palestinian Embroidery, Collective Memory and Land Ownership ( )

    By Laura Lamberti Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  36. Books and Publications Received
  37. Recently Received Books and Publications ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  38. Documents
  39. Ramifications of the U.S. ME Plan on the Future of Jerusalem, Ir Amim ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  40. Speech by HR/VP Josep Borrell in the EP on the US Middle East Initiative ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  41. Joint Statement current & former EU members of Security Council ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  42. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Observer State of Palestine, Speech at theUNSC ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  43. Response by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden on the ‘Deal of the Century’ ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  44. Statement UN Special Coordinator Nickolay Mladenov ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  45. Statement UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in OPT Michael Lynk ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  46. UN Secretary General António Guterres remarks to Security Council ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  47. 181 page Trump “Peace to Prosperity” vision/planfile:///C:/Users/hillel/AppData/Local/Temp/Peace-to-Prosperity-0120.pdf ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  48. Executive Summaries of Political and Economic side of Trump Plan ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  49. INSS Article by Amos Yadlin “Trump Plan: What's next?” ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  50. J-Link letter to Knesset Speaker Benny Gatz “No to Annexation” ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020
  51. Open Letter from 50 Former EU Foreign Ministers and leaders expressing concern about U.S. Plan ( )

    Vol. 25 No. 1&2 2020