This September Palestinians commemorated the 25th anniversary of the massacre of their people in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon. On September 15-18, 1982, more than 2,000 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered by the Lebanese Phalangists in Sabra-Shatila. This came as the culmination of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. With the last contingent of PLO fighters leaving Beirut on August 30, handing their weapons over to the Lebanese army as per the U.S.-brokered ceasefire, the Palestinian camps were left defenseless.
The massacre was committed with the complicity of the Israeli forces surrounding the refugee camps, who allowed the Phalangist troops to enter the camps, even though the same troops had previously engaged in mass killings of Palestinians living in Lebanon. The killing at the refugee camps went on for three days.
The Israeli peace camp condemned the massacre, and some 400,000 Israelis demonstrated against the massacre and against the invasion of Lebanon.
Sabra-Shatila: Resisting the Slaughter

Musa Al-Hindi

Musa Al-Hindi is a member of Al-Awda's executive committee and an organizer of the Palestinian Popular Conference in the U.S.

To Farid "Butrus"Al-Khatib, who fell so that Sabra-Shatila would continue to live.
To Hana Shahin, who fell, but refused to be silenced.

O people tell the world about what happened to the Palestinian people.
O boat waiting at the port, upon your return tell our beloved ones.
The days and the years slipped away with the departure of my beloved.
It is an exodus without return, O Palestinians!

O mother, my tears are flowing down my cheeks. O mother, where shall I go?
What shall I do? I am already homeless in the land of the Arabs.
I have been alone all night counting the stars by myself.
I went to the sea, O mother, to cast my net. But, the sea swallowed my net.
O my beloved, with whom shall I stay? With whom shall I talk?
May God be pleased with you. May He have mercy on you.
Did they cover you with soil, my children?
May God make the earth soft on your tender bodies.

From recordings of mourning women in Shatila made by ABC News in the wake of the Sabra-Shatila massacre