2.1.10 A landslide in the main road between the center of Silwan and al-Aqsa Mosque is caused by the Israelis' digging of a network of tunnels which extends along the bottom of Silwan about 700 meters towards the mosque and extracting large amounts of dirt and stones from the excavation sites.

5.1.10 The Jerusalem Municipality Planning and Construction Committee approves the building of the first phase of a new settlement on the Mount of Olives, near the outpost of Beit Orot. It includes the construction of 4 buildings containing 24 housing units funded by the right-wing Jewish-American Irving Moskowitz, despite international calls for a cessation of activity in the area.

5.1.10 The Jerusalem Municipality Planning and Construction Committee approves a scheme to establish a new Jewish settlement in Shu'fat. It plans to build three buildings, each of which includes five floors on a land area of 5 dunums. These buildings are to accommodate 50 Jewish families.

5.1.10 The Israeli Ministry of Housing announces three tenders for settlement construction which include the building of 692 housing units in three settlements, 198 units in Pisgat Ze'ev, 377 units in Neve Ya'akov and 117 units in Har Homa.

11.1.10 An Israeli police statement announces that during the first week of January they arrested 33 Palestinians, 54 Jews, and 14 foreigners during peaceful demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem against settlers' provocations and harassment of the Palestinian population.

12.1.10 Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Binyamin Netanyahu declares that Israel would never cede control of "united Jerusalem," nor retreat to the 1967 borders, according to a statement issued by the Israeli PM's office. The statement came after Egypt's foreign minister said in Cairo that Netanyahu was ready to discuss making "Arab Jerusalem" the capital of a Palestinian state.

15.1.10 The Israeli police arrest 13 Palestinians and one peace activist during a peaceful demonstration against the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and beat several of them with batons and rifle butts.

20.1.10 Officials from the Jerusalem municipality issue five new demolition orders against Arab houses in the al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan.

24.1.10 The Israeli internal security minister issues a military order to prevent the Palestinian al-Maqassed Hospital from holding a fundraising dinner which was to include performances.

30.1.10 The Israeli Local Affairs Court refuses to cancel orders for the demolition of 35 buildings, including over 250 apartments, in the Arab neighborhood of al-Issawiyah, Jerusalem.

30.1.10 The Israeli government decides to transfer wide areas of al-Issawiyah land for a national park, including lands which are outside the municipal boundaries but within the separation wall, reducing thus the available building space for the Palestinians.

18.2.10 Israel approves a new settlement scheme to build 60 units on a 10-dunum piece of land classified as "absentee property."

1.3.10 The Israeli Magistrate's Court orders the exile of Mansour Abu Gharbiyyeh, 45, married with four children, from the Old City of Jerusalem for two years and prevents him from entering Jerusalem during this period, as part of a measure to prevent Palestinian activists from entering al-Aqsa Mosque.

5.3.10 Sixty Palestinians are injured inside al-Aqsa Mosque after the Israeli police storm its courtyards and attack the worshipers, claiming they had been subjected to stone-throwing.

12.3.10 The Israeli police attack a peaceful march organized by Israeli peace activists and foreigners in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Four were severely beaten, and five activists of the Israeli left were arrested.

14.3.10 Clashes break out between Israeli soldiers and young Palestinians after the restoration of the Hurva Synagogue (the "Ruin Synagogue") in the Old City of Jerusalem at a 10-meter distance from al-Aqsa Mosque, and after Jewish extremists brought the Torah to the synagogue.

14.3.10 Following clashes in Ras el-Amoud neighborhood, Muhammad Qunbar, 14, is deliberately run over by an Israeli police car as it pursued stone-throwers. Instead of being given medical treatment, he was beaten and arrested.

15.3.10 The Israeli Magistrate's Court exiles 15 young Jerusalemites from their homes in the Old City for two weeks, following the clashes that erupted in al-Aqsa Mosque and inside the Old City.

20.3.10 The Israeli authorities order dozens of Palestinian families in 'Anata to evacuate their houses; they give eight other families demolition orders for their houses, as a prelude for the implementation of the Eastern Gate project and the building of 2,000 new housing units, a sports center, a group of hotels and tourism facilities on the lands of 'Anata and al-Issawiyah.

28.3.10 Peace Now reveals new plans for the building of tens of thousands of Jewish housing units in the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, some inside the Old City, Ras el-Amoud, Wadi el-Joz, Jabal Mukabber, Sheikh Jarrah and Mount of Olives neighborhoods. They include plans for the building of 7,094 new housing units for Jews, and 1,450 hotel units. This comes after the approval of another plan for the building of 2,33 7 housing units.

6.4.10 The Jewish Nahalat Shimon settlement group issues a warning to the Dahoudi and Dajani families to evacuate their houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood within a month, claiming ownership of the land on which those houses are built.

25.4.10 Hundreds of Israeli police officers deploy to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, as right-wing Israeli extremists set out to march in an attempt to demonstrate Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.

28.4.10 Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat says that construction in East Jerusalem will continue despite the "slap in the face" Israel received from the United States over the matter, Army Radio reports. While meeting with reporters in Washington, Barkat denied that a de facto building freeze is in effect.

3.5.10 According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel plans to build about 187,000 Jewish settlement units in East Jerusalem and adjacent areas located between Jerusalem and the Ma'ale Adumim settlement and between Ramallah and Bethlehem. These lands are heavily populated and construction in it requires the redrawing of the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem.

5.5.10 Nine Palestinians are injured during confrontations that erupted in Silwan between the residents and Israeli police forces and undercover police during an attempted arrest of young men. The confrontation came as a result of settlers harassing the residents and provoking and abusing them.

9.5.10 The Jerusalem municipality approves the establishment of 14 new settlement units in Ras el-Amoud neighborhood out of an eventual 100 units planned for this neighborhood.

10.5.10 Six Palestinians are injured after clashes are renewed in Silwan. This followed a group of settlers and their guards assaulting children who were playing in front of their homes, which led to the intervention of the people to defend themselves and their children.

12.5.10 According to Haaretz, Israeli intelligence blackmails two students from the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University and tries to recruit them in exchange for giving them permits to enter Jerusalem. This is not the first time such attempts are made to recruit students from the university.

20.5.10 Israeli authorities confiscate the Jerusalem identity card of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member Mohammad Abu Tair from Sur Baher and hand him a military order of deportation within a month on the grounds that he had lost his right of residency rights following his candidacy for the PLC.

30.5.10 The Israeli Magistrate's Court issues a decision to ban 14 foreign and one Israeli solidarity activist from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for five months. The solidarity foreigners described the decision as arbitrary and a transparent attempt to divert them from the neighborhood for "singling out the Palestinian citizens and their expulsion from their homes."

1.6.10 Ziad al-Julani, 41, from Jerusalem, is killed by the Israeli police, who claim that al-Julani tried to run them over. Eyewitness reports claim that al-Julani fell to the ground after being shot in the leg. Instead of being arrested, he was shot in the face at close range.

4.6.10 The Israeli authorities revoke the Jerusalem identity card of three Jerusalemite members of the PLC: Ahmad 'Attoun, Mohammad Totah and former Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled Abu 'Arafeh, on the basis of their political affiliation with Hamas and their lack of loyalty to the State of Israel. Special police forces entered their houses , confiscated their identity cards and informed them that they must leave Jerusalem by the end of the month. Later, the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body in Israel, stated that they can be expelled for refusing to resign from the PLC.

5.6.10 The Israeli Ministry of the Interior approved a plan for the building of 1,600 new settlement units in the Ramat Shlomo settlement north of Jerusalem.

11.6.10 The Jerusalem Municipality Planning and Construction Committee approved a plan for the demolition of 22 Palestinian houses, instead of the original 88, in al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan, to establish a "Biblical Garden" ("Garden of the King"). The committee ordered the owners to demolish their houses themselves and to transfer the lands on which their houses are built to the Jerusalem municipality.

26.6.10 Clashes erupt in Silwan as a result of the harassment by settlers of the local residents, causing scores of injuries, including to pregnant women who inhaled tear gas and were beaten. This resulted in one of the women having a miscarriage and Muhannad al-Qawasmi, 17, losing his right eye as he was trying to help a pregnant woman who had lost consciousness due to the tear gas.

29.6.10 Israeli bulldozers begin the construction of 20 settlement units in the Shepherd Hotel area in Sheikh Jarrah, funded by the Jewish-American millionaire Irving Moskowitz. Until 1980, the hotel area was under the responsibility of the Custodian of Absentee Property, who later sold it to Moskowitz.Read phonetically.

1.7.10 The Israeli police arrest PLC member Mohammad Abu Tair from Sur Baher, south of Jerusalem, on allegations of non-implementation of the police order to be exiled from Jerusalem. He was charged by the court of illegal presence in Jerusalem. On July 14, Abu Tair remained in prison after rejecting the court's offer to release him if he agreed to being exiled, away from his home and family. He preferred to stay in prison to leaving Jerusalem.

12.7.10 The Jerusalem Municipal Planning and Construction Committee approves the building of 32 new apartments in the Jewish settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev across the Green Line near Hizma village , despite the Obama administration's declared opposition to settlement building in the eastern part of the city. "We will continue to plan and build in every neighborhood in this city and we will not allow external forces to intervene," said Elisha Peleg, a member of the committee.

13.7.10 The Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem demolishes six houses in the Arab neighborhoods of al-Issawiyah, Beit Hanina and Jabal Mukabber in East Jerusalem under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

23.7.10 An administrative petition is filed with the Local Affairs Court against the Israeli Jerusalem municipality and the Israeli Local Committee for Planning and Building to cancel the ratification of the so-called "King David's Garden" ("Garden of the King") scheme in Silwan. According to the scheme, which had been approved six months before, an archaeological park will be established in al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan and 22 Palestinian houses will be demolished.

26.7.10 The Israeli organization Ir Amin, which monitors the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, announces that the Jerusalem municipality announced bids for the building of hundreds of new settlement units between the Pisgat Ze'ev and Neve Ya'akov settlements. According to the bids, 309 new settlement units will be built in the valley between the two settlements. Additionally, 24 settlement units will be built inside Pisgat Ze'ev itself.

27.7.10 The Israeli authorities issue a military order for the seizure of dozens of dunums of Khirbit Shabab land east of Qatannah village north west of Jerusalem to make room for the separation wall. The confiscation of the new areas will cause the landowners to lose their sources of livelihood. The separation wall has annexed to Israel more than 60% of the village agricultural land.

28.7.10 The Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem orders the demolition of 25 buildings in al-Issawiyah village, under the pretext of unlicensed construction. The buildings contain 60 housing units inhabited by dozens of families.

30.7.10 Israeli bulldozers destroy Christian archeological relics from the Byzantine period found in Ein Karem in West Jerusalem during excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

1.8.10 The Jerusalem municipality continues the process of demolition and dredging in Maman Allah (Mamilla) cemetery in West Jerusalem, washing away 160 graves. The Israeli authorities are planning to establish a so-called "Museum of Tolerance" on the ruins of the historic Muslim cemetery which contains the remains of hundreds of religious and historic leaders from the days of Islamic rule in Palestine.

27.8.10 Clashes between Palestinians from Silwan and Israeli settlers erupt after the settlers try to break into al-'Ein Mosque and destroy its external gate. This is the third time that the settlers attacked the mosque and the Israeli police did nothing to prevent such actions.

28.8.10 According to a report by the databank of al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) since the beginning of 2010, 17 house demolitions were executed by the Israeli authorities or by Palestinian residents who had received official Israeli orders to demolish their houses themselves, or the muncipality will demolish them at the residents' expense. The result was the displacement of 50 persons, including 26 children. Thirteen out of 17 house demolitions were implemented by the Israeli authorities in different areas of Jerusalem, whereas four families demolished their houses with their own hands. With the Israeli authorities supporting the claim of ownership of a number of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, settler groups have taken over eight buildings and 25 structures in the Old City, Sheikh Jarrah and Beit Safafa neighborhoods,which were inhabited by 146 Palestinian residents, including 72 children.

3.9.10 Officials from the Jerusalem municipality announces the approval of the construction and management committees for the building of 750 new housing units in the Giv'at Ze'ev settlement. An additional 800 new housing units have been approved in the Gilo settlement.

14.9.10 Hazem Adel Abu al-Daba'at, 22, from Jerusalem is shot dead by an Israeli policeman in Tel Aviv. The policeman claimed that a bullet fired accidentally from his weapon caused the death of the Palestinian.

22.9.10 Samir Sarhan, 32, from Silwan is killed and three are wounded by a private Israeli security guard posted to protect Jewish settlers, setting off street clashes between stone-throwing youths and Israeli police.. The next day, the guard was released on bail though a video tape proved that the guard's life was not in danger as he alleged.