Coordinating this Palestine-Israel Journal (PIJ) issue on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 proved to be a great, if somewhat unexpected, pleasure, despite the lack of progress made on implementation of the resolution and the discouragement and even despair about seeing an end to the current political impasse.

Some particular examples stand out, such as the virtual roundtable discussion we held via Zoom. We heard a very wide range of views from a mix of international, Israeli, and Palestinian participants in an atmosphere of attentiveness and reflection. Many ideas and important points were raised, with perhaps the primary emphasis being on the importance of the meaningful participation of women. As the discussion came to an end, the enthusiasm about what was described as a “fascinating conversation” was so great that all supported the idea of holding a follow-up meeting in the future.

Another example is the incredible teamwork and conversations that took place among two Palestinian and two Israeli women, who produced a truly collaboratively written article on equalities.

The process of publishing this issue took place under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, which posed many challenges. In the midst of lockdowns and other hardships, we persevered in a spirit of camaraderie and partnership that demonstrates what women (and like-minded men) can achieve. We believe that the result is a worthwhile and lasting resource that will continue to resonate with women and men looking for ways forward toward achieving peace, security, and equality.

Ten years ago, when we produced the issue on “Women and Power” to mark the 10th anniversary of the passage of 1325 in October 2000, the focus was on gender issues as much as on 1325 itself. The current issue, 20 years on, focuses in greater detail on 1325 and its strengths and weaknesses.

This examination of 1325 provides both an opportunity and a challenge for Palestinian and Israeli women, as it demands a thorough exploration of the extent to which we could and should be working together and raises the question of whether, in this way, we can in fact make a positive difference toward a just and lasting peace.

Perhaps the articles in this issue will serve as encouragement to develop our shared potential, which after all, can be done either together or separately, while meeting at certain points.

1325 is an important UN resolution that can help us.