As we mark the 25th anniversary of Palestine-Israel Journal, we want to cherish the memory of our colleagues who played a central role in the creation and development of PIJ. May their souls rest in peace.

Victor Cygielman (1926- 2007), founding co-editor



Leila Dabdoub (1945- 2013), managing editor






















Dan Leon (1925-2010), managing editor





Simcha Bahiri (1927- 2015), editorial board member















Izzat Ghazzawi (1951 –2003), cultural editor











Boas Evron (1927- 2018), editorial board member












Ron Pundak (1955- 2014), editorial board member










Ari Rath (1925-2017), editorial board member















Kollie Friedstein (1921- 2007), organizational & financial adviser