2.4.03 Four Palestinians are killed by Israeli troops in Rafah in Gaza during an Israeli army incursion into the city.

3.4.03 Hamas activist Khalid Sanaqrah is killed by an Israeli special unit.

5.4.03 International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist Brian Avery is seriously injured when shot in the face by Israeli soldiers in Jenin.

6.4.03 Israeli movement Peace Now denounces the Israeli government's decision to settle Jews in the Arab neighborhood of Ras al-Amoud in East Jerusalem.

7.4.03 Bader Yassin, 23, from the Nablus area is shot by soldiers from an Israeli special unit. Yassin was a member of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fateh's military wing.

8.4.03 Israeli Apache helicopters and F-16 fighter planes bomb the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City. An Izzedin al-Qassam leader was killed, along with six others, including a 12-year-old boy. Fifty people were injured.

9.4.03 Five Palestinians are killed in the Gaza Strip as Israeli tanks and armed personnel carriers raid Beit Hanoun and Jabalya refugee camps.

9.4.03 Five Palestinians were injured during scuffles between Israeli soldiers, settlers and Palestinians in downtown Hebron. Four Palestinian journalists working for international media organizations were arrested and taken to a nearby settlement.

9.4.03 Twenty-two Palestinian high school students are injured, three seriously, when a bomb explodes in a tenth grade classroom of a school in Jaba' near Jenin. A Jewish group calling itself "Revenge of Children" claimed responsibility.

10.4.03 The Israeli army shot three missiles at one of the leaders of Islamic Jihad's military wing, Saraya al Quds, Mahmoud Saqer al Zatmeh, 47. Apache helicopters the car al Zatmeh was driving in Gaza, killing him and injuring 16 bystanders.

11.4.03 British ISM activist Thomas Hurndall is shot by an Israeli sniper in Rafah. Hurndall was wearing a fluorescent orange reflective vest, and was assisting children at a roadblock. He was later declared brain dead.

13.4.03 Over 10,000 light arms have been distributed to Jewish settlers living in the Palestinian areas, according to an Israeli defense ministry report. The report was published at the request of Meretz Party, which opposes granting the settlers weapons and warned of the danger of establishing militias.

15.4.03 The UN's top human rights body overwhelmingly condemns Israel's human rights record, accusing the country of "mass killings of Palestinians" and a host of other violations.

18.4.03 An Israeli court imposes multiple life sentences on four Hamas members, who set up a suicide bombing that killed 29 people at a Passover meal in Netanya a year ago.

18.4.03 Israel deports two French journalists working for a current affairs program. International media watchdog "Reporters Sans Frontiers" (Reporters Without Borders) criticized the arrests, accusing Israel of seeking to block press freedom.

19.4.03 Anas Ajjawi, 22, from Jenin, infiltrates the Jewish settlement of Shakeed near Ya'abad in Jenin. Aguard and two soldiers who came to the scene were injured before Ajjawi was shot dead. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

19.4.03 Israel announces the arrest of eight Israeli border policemen for attacking Palestinians in Hebron, in a rare admittance of Israeli violence.

20.4.03 Palestinian journalist Nazeh Darwazeh, 42, is killed by Israeli soldiers while filming clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians in Nablus.

20.4.03 Israeli tanks and armored vehicles enter Rafah in Gaza, killing five people and injuring 38 others. A total of 30 houses were demolished in the incursion, as Israel continued to create a buffer zone along the border with Egypt.

23.4.03 Palestinian Prime Minister (PM) Mahmoud Abbas reaches an agreement with President Yasser Arafat over the composition of his cabinet. Abbas faced opposition over the appointment of ex-chief of security in Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan, as state minister for interior affairs. Abbas instead named himself interior minister.

23.4.03 The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) calls on the US government to release Palestine Liberation Front Secretary Muhammad Abbas (Abu Abbas) who was arrested by the US military in Baghdad on April 14. The PNA contends that the arrest violates the Palestinian-Israeli Oslo Accords, to which the US is a signatory. Italy's justice minister has said Italy would demand the handover of Abbas, accused of masterminding the hijacking of the Italian ship Achille Lauro in 1985.

23.4.03 The White House announces that US President George W. Bush has "allowed" the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to maintain its offices in the US and invest its money in the country.

26.4.03 The European Union (EU) considers Yasser Arafat the President of the PNA and the Palestinian people, says EU speaker in Brussels in direct response to US demands to boycott Arafat.

29.4.03 Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members swear in the new Palestinian government, which wins a vote of confidence by a majority of 51. Eighteen members opposed the government's formation, while three abstained.

30.4.03 A suicide bomber blows himself up in a bar near the US embassy in Tel Aviv, killing three Israelis and injuring 35. The bomber and his accomplice were British muslims, recruited by Hamas.

30.4.03 The US begins forming a special department within the CIA to monitor implementation of the Road Map.

30.4.03 Israeli forces raid the Shuja'iyah neighborhood of Gaza City, killing 13 Palestinians, including a toddler, a 67-year-old man, and four teenagers. More than 70 Palestinians and seven Israeli soldiers were wounded in the raid.

30.4.03 In an interview with Reuters, Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin says his movement rejects the Road Map and will continue attacks on Israel.

2.5.03 Israeli public radio says Israel will dismantle two uninhabited settlements near Hebron when Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas presents his cabinet. Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz is to begin consultations on dismantling more of the 70 such settlements in the occupied West Bank.

5.5.03 PM Ariel Sharon tells the IDF's radio station that President Yasser Arafat has not been sidelined despite Mahmoud Abbas taking office as the first Palestinian prime minister. He said Arafat retains his influence and criticized European officials for visiting him.

7.5.03 The cornerstone for 72 new Jewish housing units is laid in Beit El settlement near Ramallah, despite the Road Map calling for a freezing of settlement construction.

7.5.03 The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) announces that 12,000 Palestinians have been made homeless by the Israeli military since the beginning of the Intifada.

8.5.03 In an interview with Israeli TV, PM Sharon says, "I see Mahmoud Abbas as a partner... I believe he is one of the Palestinians who realizes that it is impossible to defeat Israel with terrorism."

11.5.03 US Secretary of State Colin Powell meets PM Mahmoud Abbas in Jericho. Powell called on Palestinians to take a "quick and firm" move against terrorism, and affirmed that the US is committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state next to Israel. He then met Israeli PM Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem. At the press conference after the meeting, Sharon failed to mention the Road Map once.

11.5.03 An Israeli settler is killed in an ambush at Ofra settlement east of Ramallah. The al-Aqsa martyrs brigades and the PFLP- General Command jointly claimed responsibility.

12.5.03 Two members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are shot dead by IDF soldiers in Gaza. A third a member of the Izzedin al-Qassam Brigades was killed when rockets from two Apache helicopters hit his car.

13.5.03 Israeli authorities arrest 16 Islamic leaders including the head of the Islamic movement inside the Green Line, Sheikh Ra'ed Salah. Israel claims they have connections with "hostile organizations" and offer assistance to the families of Palestinians who execute attacks on Israelis.

14.5.03 A Palestinian from Nusseirat refugee camp blows his car up near an Israeli military checkpoint. Several soldiers are wounded.

15.5.03 Five Palestinians are killed in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, during commemorations of the Nakba when Israeli tanks, bulldozers and helicopters raid the town.

16.5.03 US Secretary of State Colin Powell states during an interview with Israel's Channel Two that Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza are a problem.

17.5.03 Israeli and Palestinian PMs, Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas, meet at Sharon's house in West Jerusalem to discuss the Road Map.

17.5.03 PM Mahmoud Abbas accepts the resignation of Saeb Erekat, Minister for Negotiations Affairs. Erekat stepped down after being excluded from talks between Abbas and his counterpart that evening.

17.5.03 A suicide bomber explodes near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron killing two Israeli settlers.

18.5.03 A 21-year-old student from Hebron blows himself up on a bus in East Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood, killing six Israelis and a Palestinian from Shu'fat refugee camp.

19.5.03 A 19-year-old female member of Islamic Jihad blows herself up at a shopping mall in Afula, killing three Israelis.

25.5.03 Israel officially accepts the Road Map, but the government issues a resolution precluding the entry of Palestinian refugees into Israel as part of any future peace settlement.

26.5.03 Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz bars four officials from the Labor and Meretz parties from visiting PM Abbas at his headquarters in Ramallah, citing security concerns.

26.5.03 During a meeting with Likud Party representatives, PM Sharon admits Israel can't keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation indefinitely.

29.5.03 A convoy of diplomatic vehicles from Britain, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden and Austria is shot at by Israeli soldiers in the Beit Hanoun area. The convoy was visiting the area to check on the damage cause by last week's Israeli army raid.

29.5.03 During Israeli celebrations for "Jerusalem Day," which commemorates the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, PM Sharon says Israel will never relinquish the city.

3.6.03 President Bush meets Egypt's President Husni Mubarak, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdallah, Jordan's King Abdallah II, Bahrain's King Sheikh Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa and Palestine's PM Mahmoud Abbas in Sharm al Sheikh to discuss implementation of the Road Map.

3.6.03 Ahmad Jbarra, the oldest Palestinian political prisoner in Israeli jail is released after 27 years in different Israeli prisons. Another 90 administrative detainees were also released, most of them with only a few months left to serve.

4.6.03 An Israeli-US-Palestinian-Jordanian summit is held in Aqaba, Jordan, to continue discussions on Road Map implementation.

4.6.03 According to Israel's Peace Now organisation, Jewish settlers have set up five new outposts in the West Bank since Israel began dismantling such sites last week.

8.6.03 Three Palestinians dressed in Israeli military uniform walk up to the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip and open fire, killing four Israeli soldiers. The operation was jointly claimed by Fateh, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

9.6.03 Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi meets with PM Sharon and heeds Israeli demands not to meet President Arafat. Palestinians expressed their dismay at his decision, which was out of line with the declared EU position.

9.6.03 Seven Israelis are arrested on suspicion of employing Palestinians while 21 others were arrested on suspicion of driving Palestinians across the Green Line.

10.6.03 A suicide bomber explodes on a bus in West Jerusalem, killing 16 Israelis. The perpetrator was an 18-year-old Hamas activist from Hebron.

10.6.03 Israeli air raids kill seven Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including two Hamas activists on Israel's most wanted list.

10.6.03 Apache helicopters shell Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi's jeep on a crowded street in Gaza. Rantisi and his son Ahmad were wounded while his bodyguard and a by-stander were killed. A schoolgirl was also critically wounded in the blast.

11.6.03 Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot reports that the office of PM Sharon has reached an understanding with the US administration on freezing settlement construction, which prohibits the construction of new settlements or outposts but allows for "natural growth".

12.6.03 Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz orders his army to "crush" the Hamas leadership, including the movement's aging spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin.

12.6.03 Missiles fired from Apache helicopters and F-16 fighter planes kill 11 Palestinians in Gaza.

14.6.03 US Ambassador Dan Kurtzer hosts a high-ranking security meeting, attended by Palestinian Minister of Security Affairs Mohammad Dahlan and Amos Gilad, coordinator of Israeli affairs in the occupied territories.

17.6.03 US Envoy John Wolf meet PM Abbas and Minister of Security Affairs Mohammad Dahlan in Gaza, and Palestinian Minister of External Affairs Nabil Sha'ath in Ramallah.

18.6.03 According to Haaretz, Israel says it promised the US that its army would halt military operations in the West Bank and Gaza for six weeks - if the Palestinian factions and the PA agree to a truce. It would also halt assassinations of Palestinian activists except those it considers "human time bombs."

18.6.03 PM Abbas meets with representatives of the 13 Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, in Gaza to discuss the possibility of a cease-fire agreement.

19.6.03 The al Quds brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, claims responsibility for a suicide bombing near the Israeli town of Beit She'an, which killed one Israeli.

20.6.03 Brooklyn-born Israeli settler Zvi Goldstein, 47, is shot and killed by Palestinians near Ramallah. Bilal Raghib Sharab, 23, is shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Khan Younis.

21.6.03 Dutch, Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations agree to play a role in monitoring the peace process. During a dialogue workshop held in Jerusalem, over 65 participants adopted a declaration calling on civil societies not to let themselves be sidelined.

21.6.03 Leading Izzidin al Qassam official Abdallah al-Qawasmi is assassinated by an undercover Israeli unit in Hebron when leaving a mosque after the evening prayer.

21.6.03 Israeli police arrest a Jewish man and a British woman when they attempt to enter the Aqsa Mosque Compound disguised in Islamic dress. The Jewish man told interrogators wanted to visit the compound that day because for the summer solstice.

22.6.03 US Republican Senator Arlen Specter tells CNN that the US administration wants Israel to extradite Palestinian detainee Hasan Salameh to the US so that he can stand trial for a 1996 bus bombing in Israel in which three US citizens were killed.

26.6.03 Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen meets President Arafat, PM Abbas and Minister of External Affairs Nabil Sha'ath after being told by Israeli officials to choose between meeting Arafat or Israeli PM Sharon.

28.6.03 EU Higher Representative on Common Foreign and Security Affairs Javier Solana affirms to US legislators in Washington that the EU will maintain relations with President Arafat regardless of US and Israeli protests.

30.6.03 The Israeli government informs residents of Beit Iksa village northwest of Jerusalem that 14,000 dunums of their land is to be expropriated for the construction of a new settlement.

In this period, in the occupied territories, 176 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces, 34 under the age of 18. Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli civilians. Thirteen Israeli civilians were killed and 11 Israeli security forces personnel were killed by Palestinians. Within the Green Line, two Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces. Twenty-two Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians. One Israeli security forces personnel was killed by Palestinians.

Above figures from B'Tselem