Excerpts from Oslo II on the Environment

Article V: Sectors of Economic Cooperation
A. The two sides shall promote cooperation in preventing the deterioration of the environment, controlling pollution and ensuring the proper protection and rational use of natural resources in their respective areas, with a view to ensuring environmentally sustained development and promoting regional environment projects.
B. Cooperation in the protection of the environment will focus, inter alia, on preparing proposals for projects, studies, and recommendations on:
1. Development and implementation of appropriate treatment of liquids, solid and hazardous wastes and the control, storage, discharge, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials, pollutants and radioactive waste.
2. Prevention and control of marine pollution from ships and from land-based sources.
3. Preventing and minimizing the harmful effects of pollution on soil, water and air quality.
4. Use of appropriate tools of environmental management and environmental monitoring methods, including the adoption of and use of internationally accepted environmental principles and standards of Environment Impact Assessment and environmental information systems.
5. Development of programs of combating desertification and protection of nature and endangered species and the preservation of forests and natural reserves.
6. Promotion of environmental education and awareness programs.
C. Both sides shall cooperate in preventing the transfer of internationally banned and restricted chemicals, including pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers between their respective areas.
D. Both sides shall cooperate in setting an emergency warning system to respond to events or accidents which may generate environmental pollution, damage, or hazards.
E. The Environmental Experts Committee established under this agreement will implement the environmental cooperation proposed above ....

Signed in Washington, September 28, 1998