In Support of us Involvement in the Peace Process
President Bill Clinton, the White House

We are writing to you, as Israeli peace and human-rights organizations and activists, in support of increased United States involvement in advancing the Middle East peace process.
We are committed to a strong and democratic Israel in which Jews - as well as all its other citizens - can live in freedom and safety. Yet living in constant warfare with our neighbors is not true safety, and oppressing another people is not true freedom. Sadly, we must note that the current impasse results from the policies of the Netanyahu government - which prefers continued colonization of the occupied territories to advancement of the peace process begun by Messrs. Rabin, Arafat and Peres. We see a reversal in Jewish-Arab roles concerning peaceful partition, from 1947 when the Jewish leadership accepted partition, but the Palestinian leadership rejected it, to the current situation wherein the Palestinian leadership is calling for compromise and the Government of Israel rejects it.
We can well understand Secretary Albright's frustration at the ongoing disintegration of the peace process. But for the US to pull out now would be to abandon the Palestinians to hopelessness, with all the dangers that entails. Mr. Netanyahu calls for allowing the two parties to settle the problem by themselves, but this really means allowing the stronger of the two to force its own solution on the weaker. Israel, who has consistently ignored United Nations resolutions opposing Jewish settlement of occupied lands and seeking to safeguard Palestinian rights, can hardly be expected to serve as the protector of the rights of the Palestinians. Only firm action - by the United States, the Europeans and the United Nations - can lead to a just solution.
Cognizant as we are of our country's security needs, we believe that Israel is strong enough to allow a viable Palestinian state to replace the occupation. We applaud your efforts to help us achieve these ends.

Shalom Achshav - Peace Now Gush Shalom (the Israeli Peace Bloc)
Bat Shalom (Women's Joint Venture for Peace) Tandi (Movement of Democratic Women in Israel) Rabbis for Human Rights
Physicians for Human Rights
The East for Peace
Osim Shalom (Social Workers for Peace and Social Welfare)