Dear Sirs,

I agree with Gila Swirsky's point about the shameful lack of articles by women in the Palestine-Israel Journal (Vol. II, No.2), and, indeed, wholeheartedly share her concern and hope that this will be rectified in the coming issues.
But I must take issue with the way in which she addresses your concern for the underdogs. I find her point of reference patronizing to Palestinians.
Perhaps the time has come for all of us to stop comparing discriminated-against groups and work towards the real equality of rights and opportunities for all. This starts, it seems to me, with the way we truly perceive each other.
Nomi Sharron. London

International Jerusalem

Dear Sirs,

I believe that the internationalization of Jerusalem is the only solution to its prob¬lems, as was made clear by the United Nations in 1948. The fact that it will not satisfy completely the Jews, the Muslims or the Christians proves that it is the right solution!
The administrative problems will be no greater and may be less than for any other solution (e.g., condominiums or cantonization), and the United Nations (which is a big improvement on the old League of Nations) is the only and there¬fore the best international organization we have got.
I am convinced that the person-in-the-street worldwide believes that there should be a Palestinian state to coexist with the Jewish state of Israel in peace and friendship, and that Jerusalem should be the capital of neither, nor a branch of the Vatican, but an uncommitted international city. An undivided internationalized Jerusalem could replace Geneva as a truly international center.
Eric Rose, London

Palestinian Bantustan

Dear Sirs,

To balance Israeli and Jewish exclusive claims to the whole of Jerusalem, the Palestinians endeavor to demonstrate their attachment to East Jerusalem with his¬torical and theological arguments. Yet the geographic and demographic facts are even more important. East Jerusalem is the political, economic, cultural and reli¬gious capital of its Palestinian hinterland. By incorporating into Metropolitan Jerusalem the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim (to the approaches of the Dead Sea) and building the proposed Jewish quarter on Har Homa, the Palestinian territorial coher¬ence north and south of East Jerusalem will be severed and the establishment of a Palestinian state precluded.
Therefore, Israel aims not only at the de-Palestinization of the city but, first and foremost, at dealing a geopolitical k.o. to a nascent Palestinian sovereignty. Israeli "advice" promoting Ramallah and/or Bethlehem as capitals of the future Palestinian political framework is a recipe for a Palestinian Bantustan.
Dan Wischnitzer, Avigdor, Israel

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