1.10.94 Six Gulf states announce the withdrawal of the indirect boycott of Israel. The Arab League announces that the direct Arab boycott will con¬tinue as long as the Council of the League does not decide otherwise.

1.10.94 Jordan announces it is no longer responsible for directing the Waqf activities in the West Bank. Israel refuses to recognize the marriage certificates issued by the Palestinian National Authority to Arabs in the West Bank.

2.10.94 Following the announcement of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) that it was responsible for firing on an IDF patrol, the Palestinian Police arrest 52 members of the organization. None of them faces trial.

3.10.94 The Palestinian delegation presents the draft of the election law for the elections to the Palestinian Council: the electoral region will be divided into 12 areas (three in the Gaza Strip, eight in the West Bank and one in Jerusalem). From among them, Arafat will appoint half of the 24 members of the Executive Council. In the wake of Israeli opposition to division into two councils, it was agreed on one council in which there will be legislative and executive members. Israel also opposes the redeployment of the IDF from Palestinian population centers in the West Bank before the elections, as agreed upon in the Oslo and Cairo agreements.

9.10.94 An Israeli is killed and 13 are wounded from the fire of two Palestinians in the Midrachov (Mall) in the center of Jerusalem. The two terrorists are killed by members of the Israeli Border Police. Closure is imposed on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

11.10.94 Hamas kidnaps Israeli soldier Nahshon Wachsman and condi¬tions his release on the release of Palestinian prisoners, headed by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Rabin demands of Arafat to act against Hamas, claiming that the soldier was being held in Gaza. On 14.10.94 the IDF breaks into a house near Jerusalem where the soldier was being held. In the rescue attempt Wachsman, an Israeli officer and the kidnappers are killed. During the search for Wachsman the Palestinian Police arrest about 300 Hamas activists. The closure on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank continues.

12.10.94 Jordan and the PLO decide on a financial and trade agreement. The Jordanian dinar will continue to serve as an official currency in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

19.10.94 Twenty-two Israelis are killed and tens wounded in the blowing up of a bus in the heart of Tel Aviv by a Hamas suicide bomber. Israel and the PLO publish a joint condemnation of terror. The Palestinian Police arrest many Hamas activists, none of whom faces trial. The closure on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip continues.

21.10.94 The first edition of a new weekly identified with Islamic Jihad, Al¬Istiklal, appears in Gaza with the permission of the Palestinian National Authority.

26.10.94 Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty. About 300 km of land in the Arava will be returned to Jordanian sovereignty; most will be rented to Israel. The participants in the ceremony also include representatives from Morocco, Qatar, Oman and Tunisia. Arafat is not invited. Fatah and I:-Jamas announce a day of mourning and general strike in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to protest the handing over of Muslim holy places in Jerusalem to Jordanian supervision. A week later, Jordanian Prime Minister Abdul Salam AI-Majali says that "on the day the Palestinians receive control over Jerusalem, we will hand over to them the safekeeping of the holy places."

30.10.94 The Middle East Economic Conference opens in Casablanca with the participation of Israel, the Palestinians and most of the Arab states. Among other things, it is resolved to establish a Middle East development bank with the participation only of the states supporting the peace process, and a regional economic steering committee.

1.11.94 The Palestinian flag is hoisted over the border transits in Rafah and the Allenby Bridge, with the application there of the agreement for coop¬eration at the crossing points.

2.11.94 Hani Abed, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad, is killed when his car is blown up. In a joint announcement of all the political streams in the Gaza Strip, Israel is blamed for the murder.

5.11.94 Nayef Hawatmeh, head of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), announces that his organization will boycott the elec¬tions to the Palestinian Council and will not take part in the institutions of the Palestinian National Authority.

5.11.94 In spite of Israeli protests, the Turkish Prime Minister meets Palestinian representatives at Orient House in East Jerusalem, as part of her visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

7.11.94 The French Health and Social Minister visits Orient House.

7.11.94 The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is opened to Muslim and Jewish worshippers for the first time since the massacre by the terrorist Baruch Goldstein of 29 Palestinians.

12.11.94 Three IDF officers are killed in an explosion at the Netzarim junc¬tion in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Police put up roadblocks along the main traffic arteries in the Strip and arrest some 200 Islamic Jihad activists, after that organization accepts responsibility for the deed. Nobody faces trial. At the same junction, on 19.11.94 an Israeli soldier is killed by fire from a passing car. On 22.11.94, Shimon Peres says that the settlers should be removed from Netzarim.

15.11.94 Four Israeli Knesset members visit Orient House.

15.11.94 The Civil Authority hands over to the Palestinian National Authority responsibility for Welfare and Tourism in the West Bank. The Palestinian official responsible for Tourism complains that authority over archaeological sites remains in Israeli hands.

15.11.94 The first meeting of the PLO Executive Committee takes place in Gaza. Out of 18 members, only 8 participate in the meeting because of the opposition of several PLO leaders to Arafat.

17.11. 94 The Supreme Court confirms the destruction of the house of the family of the perpetrators of the bus bombing in Tel Aviv, according to emergency regulations. On 23.11.94, the Court confirms the sealing of the houses of Nahshon Wachsman's kidnappers, under the same regulations.

20.11.94 Sixteen dead and over 200 wounded in Gaza in clashes between the Palestinian Police and Hamas and Islamic-Jihad supporters. The dis¬turbances break out at the end of prayers at the Gaza Mosque. The Palestinian National Authority announces the establishment of two enquiry commissions, one judicial and one public, and declares that it will deal with compensating the bereaved families. On 23.11.94 after negotiations between the representatives of the Authority and of Hamas, the parties agree that only the Palestinian Police will be permitted to bear arms in public.

22.11.94 The Israeli Ministry of Finance hands over to the PNA NIS 25,000, 000, taxes which Israel collected from residents of the self-governing area.

25.11.94 The IOF issues new instructions on dealing with settlers, after they damaged property and beat Palestinian residents in the refugee camp of Dahaishe, without being prevented by IDF soldiers.

28.11.94 The Palestinian National Authority delays the distribution of the newspapers Al-Quds and An-Nahar for some days because it claimed they published incorrect reports about the number of participants in demonstra¬tions supporting Hamas.

1.12.94 Responsibility for health and taxes in the West Bank is handed over to the Palestinians, thus completing the process of early transfer of five areas of activity from the Civil Authority in the West Bank to the Palestinians.

1.12.94 In the committee meeting in Brussels of donor states to the Palestinians, an agreement was reached on the transfer of $125 million to the Palestinian National Authority by the end of March 1995.

1.12.94 The IDF arrests and returns to the Gaza Strip five students from Bir Zeit University who did not have exit permits from Gaza.

9.12.94 Palestinian National Authority refuses to hand over to Israel people suspected of the murder of Israelis before the signing of the Oslo agreement.

10.12.94 In Oslo, Arafat, Rabin and Peres accept the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize

20.12.94 Fatah wins all the places in elections to the Student Council of the Islamic AI-Azhar University in Gaza.

21.12.94 Rabin forbids a conference of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction to convene in Jerusalem.

25.12.94 Thirteen are wounded in a suicide attack in Jerusalem by a former Palestinian police officer.

27.12.94 The residents of the Palestinian village of AI-Khader demonstrate against the extension of the settlement of Efrat on a hill which they claim belongs to them. This is the first of an increasing number of demonstra¬tions by Palestinians against land expropriation and the extension of set¬tlements in the West Bank and around Jerusalem.
In this period, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, 14 Palestinians (including one 16-year-old) were killed by Israeli security forces, as well as one Palestinian police officers. Six members of the Israeli Security Forces and one Israeli civilian were killed by Palestinians. Within the Green Line (1967 borders), 21 Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians, as well as two members of the Israeli Security Forces. Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli Security Forces.

All above figures from B'Tselem.