2.7.94 Yasser Arafat arrives in Gaza via Egypt accompanied by 75 of his people, and speaks before thousands of excited supporters at a reception ceremony.

5.7.94 Arafat swears in 12 members of the Palestinian Authority in the house of the Palestinian National Council in Jericho.

6.7.94 Arafat, Rabin and Peres receive the UNESCO Peace Prize in Paris.

13.7.94 Rabin demands the expulsion of two Palestinians who had entered Gaza with Arafat and who had been among those who had planned the Ma'alot attack. Israel closes the border crossings in Rafah and at Allenby Bridge. Two days later the two expellees, along with two senior Fatah men who had arrived in Gaza without Israeli permission, returned to Egypt.

17.7.94 In riots at the Erez Checkpoint, two Palestinians are killed and 70 Palestinians and 30 Israelis wounded. The clash between IDF soldiers and Palestinian policemen on the one hand, and hundreds of angry workers on the other, originated in the frustration at the long and slow lines where the workers had to wait at the crossing. Another reason was that the number of work permits for Israel was far higher than the numbers of those actually needed for work.

18.7.94 96 die in an explosion at the building of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On 26.7.94, 17 are injured in an explosion at the Israeli Embassy in London. 13 hours later, a car bomb explodes opposite the Jewish Agency building in the city. Five passers-by are lightly wounded.

25.7.94 In Washington, King Hussein and Prime Minister Rabin sign an agreement for the cessation of the state of war between Jordan and Israel. The declaration includes a commitment to start negotiations and to take steps for normalization toward the signing of a peace treaty. The Palestinians express strong concern over the subject of Jerusalem being mentioned in the declaration.
- The Palestinian Authority announces the establishment of a City Council in Gaza. Palestinian opposition organizations are angry, claiming that they are not represented in the Council.

28.7.94 The PLO requests that the Arab League confirm that it has the sole right to negotiate on the future of Jerusalem.
- Arafat orders the pro-Jordanian newspaper Al-Nahar to cease publication. It re-appeared on 5.9.94 after committing itself to pursue a national Palestinian line.

2.8.94 Beginning of the application of the agricultural agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

8.8.94 Rabin and the Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan open a border crossing in the Arava (southern desert area).

9.8.94 Germany, Russia, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Greece and Spain announce the opening of liaison offices in Jericho.

14.8.94 The Africa-Israel Company and a group of Palestinian and Jordanian businessmen sign an agreement for the establishment of a joint investment company.

20.8.94 247 Palestinian prisoners are released to the PNA area according to Israel's demand until the completion of their prison sentences.

24.8.94 The authority for the educational system in the West Bank is transferred to the Palestinian Authority as part of the early empowerment.

29.8.94 In Gaza, minister of international planning and development Dr. Nabil Sha'ath, and the coordinator of activities in the Territories, Danny Rothschild, sign an agreement for the early empowerment in the West Bank in the fields of education, welfare, tourism, health and taxation. From now on the negotiation will focus on elections to the Palestinian self-government council and the redeployment of the IOF in the West Bank.
- The Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto cancels her planned visit to Gaza because of difficulties caused by the Israeli authorities. The following day, Peres informs Arafat that Israel agrees to Bhutto's visit to Gaza.

1.9.94 Morocco and Israel announce the opening of liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv. A Moroccan representation will also be opened in Gaza.

The beginning of a wave of arrests of 20 Jewish settlers suspected of belonging to an extreme right-wing terrorist organization. On 25.9.94, IOF Lieut. Adri is accused of illegal possession of weapons and of giving military training to civilians.

7.9.94 Jerusalem Police arrest three men of Jibril Rjoub (head of Palestinian security forces) on suspicion of kidnapping and investigating a Palestinian in East Jerusalem. In the wake of their arrest, a controversy arises in Israel between the police and the Shin Bet over the authority of the Palestinian security forces outside the area of self-government.
- The World Bank signs a document agreeing to lend $30 million for the carrying out of infrastructure work in the area of Palestinian self-government.

8.9.94 In the wake of a number of Hamas attacks and on Israel's demand, the Palestinian police arrest Hamas members. According to a claim by the Islamic Jihad, the number of arrests reaches 64. In the coming weeks, all are released.
- A conference of the states contributing to the self-governing area opens in Paris. The discussions are stopped on the next day when the Palestinians demand that monies also be used for financing projects in East Jerusalem. A week later Peres and Arafat reach an agreement and the discussions are renewed.

9.9.94 Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the PLO head of international relations, visits the Territories.
- At the Rafah crossing, Israel holds up Palestinian policemen on the grounds that the Palestinian Authority exceeded its authority in regards to the quota of policemen as determined in the Paris agreements.

12.9.94 Israel transfers to the Palestinian Authority $15 million, money from taxes paid by Palestinians to the Israeli authorities. Altogether Israel had up to now transferred $ 28 million from such taxes.
- The Palestinian Authority publishes tenders for the offices of directors of bureaus for registering electors, toward elections in the Territories.

13.9.94 In Gaza an international conference of jurists is held to discuss human rights under Palestinian self-government.

18.9.94 The Palestinian Authority publishes a tender for the establishment of an airport in Gaza.

23.9.94 The first issue of a new Palestinian paper called Palestine appears. 26.9.94 Israeli Minister of Housing, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, announces the de-freezing of land for the construction of one thousand apartments in the settlement of Alfei Menashe, in the north of the Occupied West Bank.
- In Jerusalem the Palestine Center for Energy is opened.

27.9.94 Representatives of the Palestinian Authority and the political organizations in the Gaza Strip reach an agreement on the appointment of 16 councils in cities and local authorities, where all political streams will be represented.

28.9.94 Businessmen from the Palestinian diaspora announce the . establishment of an investment company in Gaza and in the West Bank, with a primary capital of $200 million.

During this period, in the Occupied Territories 11 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces, including a 15-year-old. Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli civilians (one died from wounds inflicted in April). Three members of the Israeli security forces were killed by Palestinians. Three Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians. At the Erez Checkpoint incident, a member of the Israeli security forces was killed by a Palestinian policeman and three Palestinians were shot dead in unclear circumstances. Within the Green Line, two Palestinians were killed by the Israeli security forces and three Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians.

All figures from B'Tselem.

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