Nora Jasmin Ragab

Nora Jasmin Ragab

Nora Jasmin Ragab is a PhD Fellow and researcher at the Migration and Development research cluster at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance/UNU-merit. Her main research interest lies in the area of migration and development, with a focus on diaspora mobilization in conflict settings. The aim of her dissertation is to unpack the diverse processes and mechanisms that shaped the emergence and trajectories of Syrian diaspora mobilization in Germany over the course of the Syrian conflict. She conducted studies on the Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian and Tunisian diaspora groups in various context such as Germany, Europe and the Middle East, and works as a freelance transcultural consultant, focusing on transcultural sensitization and awareness as well as migrant´s civic and political participation.


The Palestinian Diaspora in Germany
Palestinian migration to Germany first started in the 1950s, became active in the Palestinian resistance movement after 1967 and its focus changed again after Oslo when the center of gravity of the national struggle moved from the Diaspora to the homeland territory.

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