Abigail Rose McCall

Abigail Rose McCall

Abigail Rose McCall is a former intern at the Palestine-Israel Journal from Australia. Currently she is completing an honors degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and has recently been selected to partake in a professional journalism practicum by The Australian Consortium for ‘In country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). Her specific interest in the issue of Israel-Palestine comes from unique experiences in Jerusalem and a sustained study of international affairs.


Coming of Age in East Jerusalem
Given the physical distance and the historical negligence of the Palestinian question by the Australian political system, reviving transnational issue networks of activists working to address a specific global issue area is critical for mobilizing support.
Sir Vincent Fean and the Question: Could a New U.S. President Mean a New Palestine- Israel?
In a talk he gave in November, Sir Vincent Fean, former British consul general in Jerusalem, highlighted the dangers and opportunities the new U.S. Administration will face in the region and called on the international community to more forcefully push for policy that is “action-oriented and … consequence-oriented on illegality.”

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