Hoda Barakat

Hoda Barakat

Hoda Barakat holds an MA in Entrepreneurship and Management from Al-Najah National University in Nablus. As the regional manager for Hands of Peace since 2007, she has successfully recruited a diverse range of Palestinian teens from the West Bank and East Jerusalem; she also co-plans, leads, and executes the HOP Middle East Alumni and leadership programs. Barakat works part-time as social entrepreneurs relationship manager for Synergos Organization, in which position she recruits and selects social entrepreneurs for financial grants and helps young entrepreneurs develop technical and leadership skills. She lives in Ramallah.


Young Entrepreneurs in Palestine: Opportunities, Challenges, Needs and Fears
Youth entrepreneurship is critical to addressing the economic, social, and political challenges the Palestinian people face, and investors and government must do more to lower the barriers the occupation has created for entrepreneurs.

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