Gershon Baskin

Gershon Baskin

Gershon Baskin is co-CEO of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, He is also a member of the PIJ Editorial Board.


The “Deal of the Century” Dies in Jerusalem
The Trump plan's most substantive flaw is in placing Jerusalem under Israeli control and sovereignty, when in fact a shared and open Jerusalem is a central core issue that should be the first issue on the agenda for a new proposal.
The Blessing of Jerusalem
Israel: Vote Yes on Partition!
A Choice To Be Made
The Palestinian people have been offered a choice and an opportunity.
The Clash Over Water: an Attempt at Demystification
Water guidelines to serve the interests both of Israel and the Palestinians
The Present and Future of Jerusalem
The task of saving Jerusalem from occupation is too large for the leadership alone.
Short- and Mid-Term Water Solutions for the Area
Water is scarce and unevenly distributed in the area; redistribution can be profitable to all.
The Jerusalem Problem: The Search for Solutions
Eighty-five years of efforts to resolve the issues of Jerusalem sovereignty.
Proposals for Walls and Fences, and their Consequences
An overview of various Israeli proposals for unilateral separation.


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