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Dan Leon

Anat Cygielman

Khuloud Khayyat Dajani

Izhak Schnell

The Search for Regional Cooperation
Vol. 7 Nos 1&2, 2000

Table of Contents


  • No Easy Search
         by Dan Leon

  • Who's Afraid of Political Dialogue?
          An Israeli Perspective on Egyptian-Israeli Attempts to Establish Political Dialogue between Peace Activists
         by Motty Awerbuch and by Yehudith Harel

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Growing Threat in the Middle East
         by Mohammad Shiyyab

  • Regional Economic Cooperation: A Jordanian Perspective
          A study of the past history and future potential of Jordan‘s trade relations in the region.
         by Riad Al-Khouri

  • Globalization and Ecollomy in the Middle East
          By imposing Palestinian economic dependence on Isrilet the Pilris agreement creilted a colonial situiltion. The Israeli economy is seeking its plilce in the global capitalist economy.
         by Ephraim Davidi

  • Tourism As a Test Case
          When we sell the Holy Land, it is a joint product, a regional project - but all depends on new thinking by both sides.
         interview with Hani Abu-Dayyeh

  • Peace Building and the Limits of Technology
          In a crowded information marketplace, peace must be made attractive.
         by Jon.B Alterman

  • Short- and Mid-Term Water Solutions for the Area
          Water is scarce and unevenly distributed in the area; redistribution can be profitable to all.
         by Gershon Baskin

  • Non-Governmental Regional Cooperation and Peace Building
          How NGO regional cooperation can help in building an environment for peace.
         by Christopher Ross and by Tim Werner

  • Why Health?
          A study of the involvement of health professionals as a "bridge to peace" between Israelis and Palestinians.
         by Tamara Barnea and by Ziad Abdeen

  • Peace, Peace Process and Normalization:
          An Egyptian study of trends in Egypt against the peace process, and the views of those opposed to regional peace and normalization.
         by Dina Guirguis and by Anas Anani

  • ‘Cooperation North’: A Model of Cross-Border Partnership
          A project for cross-border cooperation between the local authorities of Jenin, Gilboa and I3eit Shean started in planning a joint industrial zone and now wants to serve as a wider model to converting the border area from a barrier to a bridge.
         by Sharon Roling

  • ‘Poverty Breeds War’
          While talking about regional trade, the Israelis want to use the Palestinians as a bridge to gain access to markets in the Arab world.
         interview with Shimon Peres

  • Israeli Occupation and Regional Cooperation Can’t Live Together
         interview with Nabil Shaath

  • Economic Cooperation ill the Region Depends Upon a Political Solution
          A Palestine-Israel Journal discussion with Hanna Siniora, Prof. Arieh Arnon, Dr. Riad Malki, Niron Hashai and Khaled Abu-Aker.

  • Arab-Islamic Rituals of Conflict Resolution and Long- Term Peace ill the Middle East
          The possible role of Arab-Islamic rituals and cultural symbolism 111 the empowerment of Muslims and Arabs to work for a just peace.
         by George E. Irani

  • The Pope‘s Visit to the Holy Land
          Reflections on the March 2000 visit of Pope John Paul II.
         by Marcel Dubois

  • Reflections on Joint Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation Projects
          It is amazing that with all the money invested in joint projects, very few evaluation studies have been carried out.
         by Sami Adwan and by Philip Veerman

  • Doing Their Own Thing
          Are young people disinterested in politics, individualistic or egoistic? Views from Tel Aviv.
         by Betty Benvisti

    Review Essay
  • Gaza - The Human Dimension
          Gaza as "the central contradiction of Israeli democracy - democracy for some, dispossession for others."

  • The Territorial Dybbuk and the Cave Dwellers
          Where is there another state that expels people from caves?
         by Gideon Levy

  • An Information Technology Strategy for the ‘Web Economy’ in the West Bank and Gaza
          Now is the time for the Palestinian Authority to participate in the Web Economy: a stage-by-stage World Bank plan.
         by Gareth Locksley

    Eye of the Camera
  • Image

  • The Dialogue of Poetry: Palestinian and Israeli Poets Writing Through Conflict and Peace
          The importance of communication through poetry to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.
         by Yvette Neisser

  • Message to the Israeli and Jewish Public
          March 1999

    Chronology of Events
  • October 1, 1999 to April 1, 2000
          Edited by Najat Hirbawi

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