Avraham Oz

Avraham Oz

Avraham Oz is professor emeritus at the University of Haifa and resident director at Alfa Theater, Tel Aviv. He has translated numerous plays and operas, was head of the Theater Department at Tel Aviv University, founded and chaired the Department of Theater at the University of Haifa, and taught at Beit-Zvi, the Hebrew University, the Kibbutzim College, and Sapir College, among others. He has published numerous books and articles, edited academic magazines, broadcast television and radio programs, was associate artistic director at the Cameri Theater, dramaturg at the Haifa Theater, and artistic director of the Haifa University Theater. Oz is working now on a production of his own play, Glorious Mountain, about the origins of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict in 19th-century Palestine.


Alfa Theater — the Biography of an Independent Fringe Theater
The group's plurality has been manifested not only regarding the variety of experience but also in terms of social and ethnic pluralism — teachers and students, Jews and Palestinians together.

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