Nadia Harhash

Nadia Harhash

Nadia Harhash is a writer, activist, researcher, and blogger. She is a PhD candidate in Philosophy: Gender and Culture at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and holds master’s degrees in Jerusalem Studies from Al-Quds University and in Islamic Philosophy from Freie University of Berlin. She is a columnist at Ra’y Al Yom, a presenter at Wattan TV, and a researcher on women in Jerusalem and Islamic philosophy (Islamic philosophy in the Islamicate era, and Jerusalem studies). Her books include In the Shadows of Men (Arabic) (2016), Growth and Development of Palestinian Women Movement during the Mandate Period (Arabic) (2018), and On the Path of Mariam (Arabic) (2019).


Palestinian Women’s Organizations Trapped by International Conventions
Although the Palestinian women’s movement that emerged during the Mandate was linked to, and made important contributions to, the national agenda, since the 1990s women have become subordinate to men in the Palestinian political sphere and their rights have become dependent on international laws.

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